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FluxKapacitor! TONIGHT!

Tonight on Graveyard Radio on 103.5 KLST –radiokallisti.org *central/eastern time♡FRIDAY 7-26-19♡*8/9 P.M. – 10/11 P.M.*10/11 P.M. – 12/1 A.M. ♡SATURDAY 7-27-19♡*8/9 P.M. – 10/11 P.M.*10/11 P.M. – 12/1 A.M. We will have a special Bass Music guest mix by FluxKapacitor.www.mixcloud.com/djfluxkapacitor/ Also featuring Spike Spike Heart‘s debute of his Half & Half mix. www.mixcloud.com/spikeheart/ #BASS #HOUSE #TECHNO #RAVE #LIVESTREAM #RADIOSHOW #DJLIFE #DJ


Encore presentations of last night’s show will be played back to back 3 times tonight on radiokallisti.org 103.5 KLST. Shows will play as follows: *Central/Eastern Time *9:30/10:30 P.M *12:00/1:00 A.M. *2:30/3:30 A.M. Show will start with our exclusive DJ K9 guest mix followed by Spike Heart’s newest techno epic. Please share and spread the love. …

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