INFECTIOUS UNEASE RADIO Finds New Stomping Grounds at 103.5 KLST’s RE-GEN X Programming

Gordon has been an Industrial DJ since 92. Gordon also has over 400 episodes of INFECTIOUS UNEASED RADIO under his belt and without a doubt, I knew I had to get this guy on the AIR here at KLST. Let’s check him out.


“Djing since 1989, has been hosting Infectious Unease Radio since 1992 . His DJing has ranged from specialist events starting at Asylum Nightclub, Blue Velvet (Aeon, Belfry, White Room, Revelations, and Enzyme nights), Pony (Dark Fall Ball), Dream (Demus night), Vedette, Cas Reitops (Dirty Secrets), Horse Bazaar (Dawn Industries Enzyme Night), Abode (Neo Etica) (Subterranean Zone), Mr Boogie Man Bar (Dawn Industries Enzyme Night), Bodega Bar (Subterranean Zone) The Sub Club (Subterranean Zone), Grumpys (Subterranean Zone), Randy Dragon (After Hours) Bar 303 (After Hours) Interzona (Beach on Brunswick) Geotech (Bar 303) 

In Space In Time And In life (Grumpys Green). A member of the band Noir Corps. 2010 Released an eclectic and limited edition 4 disc 62 band compilation with his label Infectious Unease Productions and Dawn Industries. Formally a member Dawn Industries Music Collective, the label Dawn Industries, Enzyme (live music events). 2015 One of the founding Events Organiser of “Subterranean Zone” and “After Hours” and “Interzona”.. A self-published performance writer, who has released such books as 2011“Severed Eye”, 2005 “The Poet’s Eye”, 2003 “The Deception Of Latex That Causes The Deepest Remark”, 1997 “The Cadaver Restaurant- A Menu Of Short Stories And Poems”, Works On Cd 2010 “ Noir Corps “le terreur”, 2003 “Reflective Return Spoken Word By Gordon Taylor Music By Ernie O”.

Had made a guest appearance in the “Hellfire Nightclub Melbourne” documentary produced by Mark Bakaitis in 2010 discussing the music played over the years at this event. 2016 perform as Raven Corps Guard in the Film “Cult Girls” directed by Mark Bakaitis. DJ Infectious Unease loves to explore a plethora of sound and explode it out on the air waves and night clubs. He has no fear of delivering a sound of surprise. You just never know what he will seduce, tantalise and drive all your five senses with.”


Infectious Unease radio plays a wide range of styles of music such as: Drum &Bass, Liquid Funk, Neurofunk, Sambass, Drill And Bass, Frenchcore, Acid Bass, Breakbeats, Breakcore, Chiptune, Dancecore, Dubstep, Darkstep, Digital Punk, Downtempo ,Glitch Grindcore, Hardcore, Hardstyle, Idm,Trip Hop, Down Tempo Electronic, Electronica, Disco Tech, Ambient Tech House, Glitch Electro, Down Tempo, Electro ,Jungle Leftfield, Ragga-Jungle Techno, Acid House, Dark Techno, Ambinet Techno, Tech House, Acid Techno, Detroit Techno, Free Tekno, Ghettotech, Hardtechno, Minimal Techno, Nortec, Rotterdam Techno, Schranz, Symphonic Techno, Tecno Brega, Minimal Techno, Ambient House, Balearic Beat, Deep House, Dutch House, Electro House, Glitch House, Garage House, Hard House, Tribal House, Funky House, Bassline House, Latin House, Tech House, Minimal Techno, Bleep Technohouse, Deep House Electro Clash, Jazzstep, Liquid Funk, Hardstep, Tech Step, Psy-Trance. Goa, Progressive Darkpsy ,Progressive, Downtempo,Goa, Twilight ,Morning ,Psycore ,Techno ,Techtrance , Forest ,Zenonesque, Experimental,Deep Trance , Psy Dub ,Glitch , Suomi Darkcore, Dark Step, Dub, Darkstep, Drill And Bass , Drumfunk , Drumstep , Hardstep Jump-Up ,Jazzstep, Liquid Funk, Neurofunk, Sambass, Techstep Trip Hop, Electronic, Idm, Breaks,Ambient, Electronic, Noise, Neo Folk, Dark Ambient, Dark Industrial, Gothic Industrial, Industrial, Ebm, Future Pop, Electro ,Industrail , Electronic Industrial, Metal Industrial, Industrial Dubstep, Death Industrial, Ambient Industrail, Noise, Powerelectronics, Aggrotech ,Cybergrind ,Electro-Industrial ,Dark Electro ,Electronic Body Music,Futurepop ,Industrial Metal ,Industrial Rock ,Neue Deutsche Härte ,Japanoise ,Power Electronics ,Death Industrial,Power Noise,Witch House, Indi Pop, Alternative, Dance-Punk, Dream Pop, Indie Pop , Dance- Indie Pop , Jangle Pop, Lo-Fi, Math Rock, Noise Pop,Noise Rock, Post-Punk Revival , Post-Rock, Sadcore, Grindie ,Indie Dance, Indie Folk, Indietronica, New Rave”


“Over the years, we have had the pleasures of broadcasting live interviews with the following bands: Mark Tansley ( Suspira, Intra Venus) (uk) Birmingham 6 (Denmark), Death In June (Uk), Mark Tansley (UK/Australia)) Ikon (Australia), The Eternal (Australia), Jerusalem Syndrome (Australia), Resurrection Eve (Australia), charnel house (Australia), Darken (Australia), Chiron (Australia), Subterfuge (Australia), Leviathan (Australia), Lung Upc (Australia), Controlia), Discordia (Australia), Insect (Australia), Clown Smiling Backwards (Australia), DJ Itchy (Australia), Frontside (Austral(Australia), Insect (Australia), Darken (Australia), Dogmachine (Australia). Dwellers On The Threshold (Australia), TDM (Australia), Lady House Scandal (Australia), Rim 60 (Australia), Sobriquet(Australia), The Crystalline Effect (Australia), Eternal (Australia), Dandilion Wine (Australia), Bastich (Australia), The Seventh Dawn (Australia), Oppenheimer (Ernie O of Subversive records) (Australia) Tankt (Australia), Tik Tok Tec, (Australia) Casandra’s Myth, (Australia) Electro Core (Australia), Bastich (Australia), Dandelion Wine (Australia), Artists: the Baroness (Australia), Chris Masters (discussion on censorship) (Australia) Steve Smart (Spoken word) (Australia) Tom Bull (Spoken word) (Australia), Sam Chesser (spoken word) (Australia). Talie (Spoken Word, Acoustic Guitar) (Australia). Organizations: the Australian Horror Society (Australia), The Black Rose Literature society (Australia), South end Sacral (Noise) Alliance (Australia), HeartLand Records (Australia), Richard Stevens Of Spectrum Magazine (Australia), Cameron Jones Blue Velvet Bar (Aoen Ad(Revelations) (Australia) CarpeMortem (Australia), “Dark Fall Ball” and upcoming movie “Darkfall Resurrection Justin Godden & Bill Jourkavic (Australia)”


“Infectious Unease” has presented many band and label specials, including: Ministry (USA), Eye Australia), Faith And The Muse, Judith (USA), Masochist Halo (USA, Yete Mae (USA, Shinjuku Thief (Australia), Laibach (Slovina), Gooding (USA), Bauhaus (England), Human Drama, Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly (Canada), Trylok (Austria), Cold Meat Industry (Sweden), Inslaughter Natives (Sweden)), Leather Strip (Denmark), William S. Burroughs (USA), Cleopatra Records, Discordia Records, Australian Gothic/ Industrial, Cri Du Chat (Brazil), Heartland Records (Australia), German Gothic , Ethereal, and Spoken Word. The Changelings (USA), The Shroud (USA), World Music, Latin American Percussion, 80’s to now electro, Electro Synth Industrial Special, Depeche Mode (UK), Drum & Bass, Hard House and Dance Electronica. Dark Trance.


The more I look into the guy, the more impressed I become. Side-projects, bands, solo-albums, a slew of residency at goth/industrial clubs. It’s an impressive career. Find out more at

Very excited to have him on board with the House of Eris. You can catch INFECTIOUS UNEASE RADIO at or catch his syndication here on 103.5 KLST
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at *3/4 P.M. *Central/Eastern Stand Time.