Graveyard Radio: Saturday Night Hype! In collaboration with Anita Bass LLC | Saturday | October 5th, 2019 E.V. 7 P.M. EST Encore Presentation – Sunday 9 PM EST

We have 3 Exclusive Debuts and a couple other surprises we going to sneak in there.


We got another dope exclusive debut from Hard Mike. This one is just as ferocious with it’s techy rhythms of bass house and some anthems. I wanted to stomp my feat the whole time. KLST is impressed with Hard Mike’s clean and smooth style that has heavy grooves through out the mix. These mixes bang out our 10’s in House of Eris very nicely.


I’ll tell you right now, not only is Izzy extremely talented, he is a stand up guy. His personality bubbles behind that decks, and if you check his official bio, posted here in the past and will be up soon in our KLST DJ Mix Rotation, it is very impressive. Izzy dropped me off a techno mix this time and it is very fantastic. Izzy is very versatile and made waves in Europe and East Coast’s Phsy-trance Scene’s, however the first set I heard of his was a house set. I was mowing the lawn and danced my ass off. It was great and I have management play it a bit. Those that tune into Izzy’s TECHNO debut are in for a special treat. Check out one of Indy’s newest talents.


“Kid wants to be a punk, let him be a punk” I admire the passion of this one right here. When we started talking all he had available for us was a shortish 30 minute mix. I know how that is. Believe me, not having recording use of proper equipment can be a real bitch, and this dude really wanted to get a fresh mix on KLST. So he went to work and a few weeks later got us a full length mix, made that shit happen. His effort in contributing was appreciated. The mix slaps hard. It’s chaotically aggressive and has some really angsty bite to it that I really appreciate. It’s fucking raw and the dude should be proud of it. We were proud to inspire and get him to bang one out for us.


Let’s open the show at 7 PM and replay Komrade Jay of 412 Crew Graveyard Radio Mix! Why the fuck not?

I love this mix and The Komrade shows KLST a lot of love, so we going to show him some more back. Respect brother.

We also going to give this banger a spin. Don’t wait on us though. You can give this bad by a spin right now!

Couple things coming up!

Universal Vibe Presents!
The Healer is looking amazing so don’t miss your chance to catch this unique event.

103.5 KLST is currently trying to work on another collaboration with this show. Not 100% what it might be, but we’d like to do what we can. At this point we at least have confirmation of recorded set of supporting talent.



This is going to be complete chaos! Check it out!
Check out our boy! Aliens Gonzales’s big show tonight. Event Info Here!