Anita Bass LLC brings you Universal Vibe’s re:Work a #microRAVE experience Hype Event! Wednesday – 8 P.M. EST January 1st 2020 E.V.

To get hyped up for Saturday’s Live Broadcast and Hype up Universal Vibe’s re:Work a #microRAVE experience! Stepping in to help Ms. Bass this week, I am keeping feature super simple. All this talents are 100% legit and you can find any info you need at the Facebook Event Page. Don’t forget to RSVP. Also a Special Thanks to Healer for providing one of the most unique venue experiences in Indianapolis Dance Music History.

DJ sets will be played in the order the appear in this feature.

Side-note: January 12th is my Birthday, So come out and celebrate and see me in a my true element. Thank you all of you support in 2019. Let’s rock out 2020! Much Love!
-Spike Heart