Exclusive Sounds of the underground with Sam SmooveGroove featuring – Kevin Aviance + IFE + FabSky + Demien Sixx + Dank – November 15th 2019 10 PM EST E.V.

From the Viking Goddesses on the Finland shores to the pioneering Queens of NYC, they each made their mark disrupting norms, beginning trends of individuality! It started with a simple sound that exploded into the changing of times. KEVIN AVIANCE lead the way to changing times and opened hearts and minds to a new kind of PLURR, while IFE dominated the decks, as a DJ with power, expression, and force. Fabsky not only stepped up into the challenge, but surpassed those around him with his bass dropping, heart pumping beats, making the new world explode into a new orbit, changing the plane of existence.  This is a special week for incredible talents across the board, and a free for a to follow the features of countless.other East Coast talents! Exclusive Sounds of the Underground with Samantha Last of Smoovegroove Productions brings the heavy hitters put to celebrate Samantha birthday!! Be sure to check out the chat on the web page. RADIOKALISTI.ORG I will be on it all night. Do not miss out on the interview of a lifetime with Kevin Aviance! Feel free to comment  and ask questions.  I will give shout outs all night long and into the morning!! All these talents are changing lives and changing the way people think. 


Kevin Aviance was raised in Richmond, Virginia, in a close-knit family of seven siblings. From an early age, Aviance dedicated himself to the study of music and theater. His early influences were “punk, Boy George, Devo, and Grace Jones.” He later moved to New York City and made a name for himself as a dancer/performer at Sound Factory, a club mainly for queer Latinos and blacks. Major DJs and club promoters saw him performing and started hiring him, he became one of a handful of drag performers in NYC able to support themselves solely on performances. Kevin’s career as a performance artist and club personality began in Washington, DC, continued in Miami, and eventually landed him in New York City. In 1989, the House of Aviance was founded in Washington by Mother Juan Aviance.
Aviance has appeared in several films, including Flawless starring Robert De Niro and the independent film Punks. Besides his feature-film work he has made guest appearances on such shows as The Tyra Banks Show, and America’s Next Top Model, also hosted by Tyra Banks, and worked with artists like Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston. His songs Din Da Da, Rhythm Is My Bitch, Alive, Give It Up and Strut, have all reached Number 1 of the Billboard dance chart. The only one of his singles not to peak at Number 1 to date is Dance for Love. Aviance’s most successful dance radio hit to date is Give It Up released in 2004. His second album, Entity is a more consistent effort than his first.


New York City has long been a breeding ground for talent in every form. When it comes to DJing and Electronic Music production it can be an exceptionally great place to get one’s start. Although it may seem the entire New York tri-state area is inundated with DJs and producers, and that each respective music scene has well beyond its fair share of local DJs, those with true talent, passion, drive and perseverance ultimately shine and take their rightful place among the top tier of the industry. For the warrior princess DJ known as IFE (pronounced eefeh), such is the case.
IFE is actually a transplant from Finland. She is a classically trained musician on the keys from a very young age as a toddler with heavy influence from the Classical and Jazz ends of the musical spectrum. Her musical proficiency certainly translates through her mixing skills as one of the most sought after House and Techno DJs among the global underground today.
In her latest exclusive mix release to promote her forthcoming release to launch Russ John Gold’s new label, Stay Gold Records NYC. The label is the latest endeavor by a long standing superintendent of the New York underground since the late Nineties at Limelight and Tunnel also known as Yentalbeats.
Anyone in the music biz will tell you how difficult it is to start a new label under the umbrella of EDM as we near the third decade of the Twenty First Century, the industry seems saturated with DJs and producers filling up Soundcloud, Beatport and Bandcamp’s servers with track upon track. It is easy for a newcomer to get lost in the mix, pun intended. However, when label managers take extra care in selecting the right artists and taking on a quality over quantity approach, a record label can build a solid foundation garnering longevity and commanding respect from the dance music audience and landing it a place in the charts, which will undoubtedly be the direction Stay Gold Records NYC is heading.
IFE Stay Gold
The first release from IFE promises to be a classic right from the gate. She is already one of NYC’s best kept secrets as a resident for Nomadic Rabbit Holes and a headliner for Loveburn in Miami. Not only is she a hardworking DJ touring to major cities around the globe, she is in the studio constantly evolving as a producer of deep hard melodic dance music. See also:
HouseJune 25, 2019* DANK * : DANK – Funky Element Radio 33 – House and Techno Tuesdays. If the promo mix posted on Stay Gold’s Soundcloud is a taste of what we have to look forward to, her music on the label will be something for the serious underground House zealots. If she brings her A-game to the studio the way she does to the decks, which she surely will, every release will be a must have for DJs who only spin top shelf tunes.
If deep, soulful melodic House is your thing, if you love the old school feel with the new school sound, play this mix through a good system and be sure there is room to dance as it will be impossible not to, just as it is when you have the pleasure of attending a party where IFE blesses the decks.
The world may finally be ending …while things have gone dark, IFE holds the light, the tempo, and rhythm to transcend these moments through the seduction found in her house….music. Guided by her intention to awaken audiences, IFE calibrates the BPM to our chests, conjuring our ghosts to dance in the house of the illuminated heart, opening our minds and envoking our souls.
Bookings please contact – [email protected]

Check out Stay Gold NYC on SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/staygoldrecordsnyc


FabSky is a very talented producer based in United States. The passion for the music started early, always demonstrating great skill and precision in the creation of several musical compositions. With 9 years of classical training on the piano he taught himself the guitar, drums, and bass. He’s played in a band in high school with some friends switching between the bass and drums!
The love for dance music started unknowingly at an early age. One night he went to his first club and heard “Levels” by Avicii and was like “Wow.” He started out with DJing, learning to mashup songs, spending hours with club DJs just observing and watching transitions, all while honing his own skills on the decks.
His dad had bought him software because he liked to record himself playing the piano for his grandfather who enjoyed listening to the CDs. He quickly learned that this same software was used to make dance music. He taught himself how to produce by constantly listening and analyzing music in his head, the structure, the sounds, everything. He learned a lot from YouTube, as well as friends and other local DJs and producers!
His first release was a collaboration with Paul Thomas called “Star 69” in 2016. Dreamer followed in 2017 on Ultraviolet by Paul Thomas as well. Ascension is out now! With two EPs already out, Rebirth and Journey, two more EPs are being released in early November of 2019! Don’t Say Goodbye will be out on 11/4 and Memories will be out 11/15!
Check out FabSky on SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/fabskyofficial


Hailing from New York City, Demien Sixx is a driven, passionate and charismatic DJ and EDM producer with a unique high energy approach. 
His tracks are influenced by genres as diverse as Dubstep, Electro House and Trap: this means fat drum-machine like sounds, tight rhythm sections and walls of bass, surrounded by lush synth melodies and uplifting hooks. His tracks are all about engaging the crowd and liberating high amounts of energy, whether you are enjoying them from the intimacy of your headphones or through the PA system of a fun night club! 
Although currently unsigned, Demien Sixx set out to work really hard since 2011, establishing his name within the local electronic music scene through a series of projects and releases. Demien released 2 studio albums which can be classified as dark electronic music, but he recently decided to open up his creative horizons in order to include a wider range of colors and influences, including the aforementioned music genres, and much more. The result? High energy, more impact and more drive! In 2013-2014 period, Demien released four Dubstep tracks and four Electro House tunes are currently under progress.His latest single goes by the name of “Thunderdrome”, and if song names are an indication of a song’s energy, this one certainly does paint a pretty accurate picture. This song is a total blast, and the visual show that comes with it is nothing less than spectacular. Demien performs the hit in his Mad Max style outfit, equipped with EL wire lighting.
His live shows, in fact, are almost as important as the music: Sure, it’s all about the great sound, but a club night is not only experienced through your ears: a gig is a multimedia experience where every senses can be included. With such a mindset, Demien Sixx offers great music, appealing visuals and a spectacle to remember. 
Be sure to catch one of his shows and let the music tell you the rest of the story!

Feel free to get in touch for further press inquiries and other details!
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At the genesis of the electronic dance scene, a new generation of musicians shuffled the ideas and beliefs of many, forever changing the way we hear and respond to music. As the crowds began to form, working their way up through the industry, changing lives forever. DANK ascended on the electronic scene harder than the bass he drops!! He continues to evolve with each progression in the music industry. From QUEENS SHUFFLE to BROOKLYN BELLS the Burroughs will be shaking music into your souls, with this electrifying CD release to be exposed, unleashing NYC out into the rest of the world!
Genres do not matter, when each of your tracks belongs in a category all its own. DJ and producer, DANK, channels nearly two decades of New York City blood, sweat and tears into any unforgettable anthem with his name on it. Be it house, techno, electro, or dubstep, instant appeal is the common denominator of every DANK release. His path to success in the EDM world has been paved, not only by sexy hooks and melodies, the intuitive creativity behind the design of the climax, and the intensity of the bass drop, but also a tireless work ethic. As an official Ultra Records artist, he has remixed songs by the likes of Daft Punk, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Shakira, Iggy Azalea, Rita Ora, Yoko, Ono, Pitbull, Avicii, Deadmau5, Nicky Romero and Paul Oakenfold to name a few, in addition to providing a platform for such artists as Lazy Rich and Calvertron via his own imprint, Funky Element Records. DANK, whose real name is Brian Atwood, came of age in the NYC nightlife scene, during its heyday in the ‘90s. Born and raised in Long Island, just outside the five boroughs, he fell in love with electronic music at the age of 15. Bouncing between Brooklyn warehouse raves and legendary clubs like Limelight and Twilo, he experienced the diversity of genres, styles, and platforms in the dance culture, before the turn of the millennium.In 2000 DANK purchased his first pair of Technics turntables and learned how to play records.Before long, he found himself performing at such NYC destinations, as Lunatarium, Randall’s Island, Webster Hall and Hammerstein Ballroom, as well as out-of-town hotspots like Asylum Nightclub in Springfield, Massachusetts. That year DANK also launched Funky Element Productions and began throwing parties, throughout New York City. He and his team were responsible for massives like Sneaky, Afraid of the Dark, and A New Beginning, but the biggest Funky Element gathering was billed as Fahrenheit and drew a crowd of roughly 2,500 to Hammerstein Ballroom in 2006.Although DANK had learned how to produce music in Cubase as early as 2002, using analogue equipment like the Roland TB-303 and TR-909, he shifted his focus to the studio more so in 2007 than ever before. In 2010 he founded his own artist label, Funky Element Records. He inaugurated it with the release of a track titled “FuNK eL,” and Lazy Rich himself contributed a club mix of the single that charted on Beatport. In 2012 DANK cut his first EP: An electro four-tracker titled Tunnel Vision for which he enlisted FTampa, Rednek, Chrizz Luvly and Alex Mind to deliver remixes. Soon after, he tried his hand at producing dubstep and saw immediate success; his 2013 single “Blow Me” reached#1 on Beatport’s Dubstep Top 100 Tracks chart.The same year, DANK put out a song called “Crystals,” which marked the biggest turning point in his career. He originally submitted it to Ultra Records A&R David Waxman but released it on on his own label, after receiving no reply. It reached #7 on the Beatport Top 100 Songs &DJ Tracks chart, and that day Waxman responded to his email with an invitation to come to the Ultra offices for a meeting. He ended up signing a 360 deal with Ultra and remains on the label’s official roster to this day.DANK has risen through the ranks of EDM, as a prolific remixer with his unique style and irrefutable talent, since signing to Ultra Records. Britney Speers, Yoko Ono and Shakira are but a few of the artists, whose music he’s reanimated and awakened, over the years. Several of his remixes have reached #1 on various Beatport charts as well as the Billboard Dance Club Play chart. He has also now performed in most states throughout the U.S., as well as, nightclubs in Vancouver and Paris.As simple as it may sound, what has afforded DANK so many opportunities is that he makes music from the heart and soul. Instead of chasing trends he produces in, whatever style suits his fancy – and his sincerity translates through to the finished product every time. Having worked as both an entertainer and an entrepreneur, in live music as well as the recording industry, his unique perspective also keeps him on the forefront as a music professional.If his trajectory thus far serves is any indicator, the future holds even bigger and better things for DANK. With his signature style, of bass in your face “Don’t Talk About It… Be About It,” DANK vows to continue on his path of moving dance floors, until the early morning. He is sitting on a treasury of new music, so it’s safe to say the best is yet to come for this rising talent, leaving his mark, not only in the electronic dance culture, but also on the world.

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