Attasalina Is The Real Gothic Angel Of Southern California.

Attasalina is example of someone with amazing talent, who I personally think is one of the most empathetic and humbled people I have ever gotten to know online. I always enjoy seeing her posts. We need more woman like her, who put their passion behind their art to rage against the machine. This woman gets it and she has gotten it for a long time.

“as I listened to this record, I could almost hear the blood, sweat, and tears that she put into her music, I was instantly humbled.”

So I kind of lost it today…

I have not slept much the last serval days and it has put me out of sorts. I kinda forgot why I was doing this. We live in a very superficial world and I kind of lost myself for a moment. On top of feeling like a real tool, I had complete writers block and was completely overwhelmed with how to organize the sear amount of content I am working on for this station. I want everything to be perfect and i want it now.

“Ghost Town”
The Seraphim Rising – Life in Suspension

So I am sitting here frustrated and lonely, I’m doubting myself and thinking about how I had made some bad decisions. I think to myself; You need to listen to The Seraphim Rising record Attasalina sent you. Almost like fate had put the idea into my head. As I go through her website contemplating listening to the record I am completely taken back by these beautiful photos Attasalina had taken in the different locations in these galleries on her website. All the ones I looked at were completely surreal and breathtaking. Some felt like you could almost reach out and touch what was in the photos. Now I am really freaking out. You’re an idiot, how did you ever think you could do this? Don’t over think it, I say to myself. Just put the record on and see how it makes you feel. I knew I would like it. I had watched a video or two on YouTube years ago and thought it was great, but I remember not being in a space where I could dig into it. I said to myself again, just listen to the record and do the feature.

“This woman gets it and she has gotten it for a long time.”

So I put the record on and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Sometimes I think we just need a change of pace to free ourselves of being our own worst enemy. That’s something I should of learned a long time ago from looking up to artists that carry themselves the way Attasalina does. Her personality always has class and grace. There is nothing fake or superficial about Attasalina and I think that’s why I have always appreciated her as a person. I’ve never heard her put a label on herself and I’ve never seen her take shit from anyone. I’ve never heard her boast and I have never seen her put anyone down. I know life has been rough for her as a struggling independent artist which something a lot of us can relate to. Some of us handle it better than others. She has always just kept pushing through no matter what tribulations come her way. As I listened to this record, I could almost hear the blood, sweat, and tears that she put into her music, I was instantly humbled and all my anxiety melted away. That’s what good art should do to you. You feel one way, usually it’s negative, then you put the record on and your spirits are lifted. All the sudden, you’re inspired.

True Travelers



I really connected with the title of the photo galley the above image came from. This is what I have been trying to do for myself for months. It’s a hard battle. Being in a constant state of creativity seems to be the only thing that make these things subside

This record was amazing, it has the perfect balance of haunting and beautiful. The production and clean, the snare drum is clear. Attasalina has been playing piano since she was 6 years old. The woman know how to write a good tune. Her voice is angelic and punk rock all at once and it totally fits her character. Out of the 7 tracks, 4 she is wrote along with 3 covers originally by Sisters of Mercy, Lue Reed, and Bauhaus. She knocked all of them out of the park! I’ve heard a lot of bands that play this style of music and they are usually pretty forgettable. It’s definitely forgettable when they try to do Bauhaus or Sisters of Mercy covers. The Seraphim Rising killed in though and Attasalina’s range is perfect for these types of tunes. We at KLST are proud to have this record in rotation. I am actually working on a playlist specifically where a sound like this will fit in perfectly. Also at some point today, I am going to have management play the whole record. I am going to have them play it for all of us that have struggled to survive and make it in an attempt to create things that are beautiful for love but also the hope to be more than just a slave to the system. I know Attasalina feels me there. Regardless how accurate you may think my headline is for this feature, I am sticking by it. Attasalina is the real deal.