NAP DNB’s NAPCAST 103.5 KLST Broadcast September 23, 2019 E.V.


We decided to cut down NAP DNB’s NAPCAST 103.5 Broadcast to 4 sets a Monday. This helps me a little, it also fits better to repeat our presentation, and also make it more fare for the DJ’s that have to get stuck at the end of the broadcast. Same time, 8 P.M. Eastern Standard and it’s going to be crushing. We will of coarse repeat the feature immediately following the broadcast, so you’ll be able to check it out anytime tonight. So here is our 4 DJ’s for Monday Night’s Lineup.


First of all I’d like to say congratulations to Carnie. Man just tied the knot and he is doing rather well. I’d also like to mention he is doing a show and it is a very important to him. It’s a great event but bitter/sweet with the fact he has had to throw this show twice previously do to unfortunate events.

Mayhem: A Benefit For Showing Love

Mayhem is back after a year and half! In collaboration with Wrecklords, this is a benefit to help offset medical costs for a member of our community that’s battling stage 4 cancer. Wrecklords clothing will be set up selling merchandise. All Drum and Bass for this evening ? Post halloween vibes, so feel free to dress up or come as you are.


Gizzmo: Indianapolis, IN- NAP DnB

After emerging from the comet that brought him to earth Gizzmo found a pair of turntables. Little did the people of Earth know that their world had changed. From that point on he proceeded to tackle any form of decent electronic music (i.e. NO TRANCE) and perfect the mixing of it. He can be found anywhere there are Subarus racing or Beats ……

Antik One: Indianapolis, IN- NAP DnB

Antik One was first introduced to the world of electronic music in the remote desert of Tucson, AZ in the late 90s. The ground shook with the bass, drawing him in and embedding in his soul like a nasty piece of jumping cactus. Flashing lights and the heavens above danced with him as found his second family in the rave community. Inspired by chance encounters with DJs Radar and Z-Tip during his first party that just happened to be a Moon Tribe event, Antik One set about to shape the sounds that would continue to breathe life into the rave community like a mother’s womb. West Coast Drum & Bass, breaks, acid house and goa-trance would provide the soundtrack to the rest of his time in AZ. Once transplanted to Indiana, Antik found support from fellow deck warriors Seth & Mac at Evolving Records. Like many aspiring musicians, Antik spent years honing his craft and developing his skills before his sound was ready for the masses. Starting in 2012 he began playing small shows around Indianapolis at The Melody Inn and The Emerson Theater. While Drum & Bass is Antik One’s passion, he has been exploring a wider variety of chilled out, flow-friendly tunes including electro-swing and the bouncier sounds of tech house and breaks. The results are mood-altering, expanding, and complimenting. The only thing they won’t do is fail to move your feet

Support from:

Boo Radley: Fort Wayne, IN

Bradlee: Fort Wayne, IN

Carnie B2B Aseity set

Sound Provided by Fort Underground Coalition

No Cover! However, all donations and proceeds are and going to the benefit and are greatly appreciated. A donation jar will be passed around for this evening.

It’s time to Purge.

As we roll up to the date of this show, KLST are doing a couple features related to this show and hope to talk about it further in the near future. This event means a lot to Carnie and we are happy to contribute in anyway we can.

Dj 27

“DJ 27 is a 20+ year veteran DJ and Music Producer currently living in Daytona Beach. He enjoys spinning Drum and Bass, House, Jungle, Breaks – but these are more than just music genres, and DJ 27 cultivates mixes that go beyond any specific one of these. His combinations of heavy undulating beats and groovy basslines are designed to appeal to a wide variety of audiences. He equates the DJ craft to the art of jazz quilts, collages, Dadaist sound poetry and the subtle social commentary present in all Modern art.”


“Knotice is an advocate of deep, eclectic dance grooves and an atmospheric, often grimy bass-flow to make you move. In the late 90’s, Knotice aka Ash started outperforming as a resident DJ for an Industrial club in Niles, MI known as The Midnight Sun. Using this experience the doors soon opened to the Midwest underground music scene where he found his heart and soul. As Ash, he would then move on to DJing at afterhours and main events in Chicago, Detroit, and surrounding areas. 
It was after moving to Indianapolis in the late 2000’s and taking a 10-year leave that he reimagined himself as ‘Knotice.’ A name he feels encompasses a theme of knowledge, attention, and awareness (being woke). With this mindset and focus, he is never afraid to experiment or break the mold. His often-eclectic selection are all reflections of his current frame of mind. You might find during his mixes where he delineates and brews together beautiful synth melodies, silky backdrops, funky breaks, brooding basslines, and occasional vocal hooks; all to keep you stepping.
“For me, it’s all about feeling the audience and elevating their mood, stimulating that groove. Playing tracks that strike emotions and senses, as well as getting the people to move; regardless of format, or style.” Knotice has been support for world-renowned DJ’s such as 3D, Champagne Drip (SPL), Dara, Danny the Wildchild, DJ Funk, Paul Johnson, Random Movement, Zebbler Encanti Experience just to name a few. Be on the lookout for some of his upcoming productions.”


“Jason Allen is a 32-year-old producer and DJ located in Indianapolis, IN, whose solo project is Dyonysiz and whose collaborative project is Renegades of Bass. Aseasoned musician, Jason has been involved with making music since the age of 14. From playing and singing in punk and industrial bands as a teenager, to learning to produce and mix electronic music in his 20’s, Jason has always created some sort of music, which he sites as his therapy that has helped him through many a hard time in life. He loves feeling the energy move through the crowd when he is on stage creating music. Jason says that the influences of Trent Reznor and The Prodigy are who prompted him to start producing and mixing, respectively. As Dyonysiz he spins several different sounds, but has an affection for psychedelic and darker sounding tunes in various genres. While striving to continue to improve as a DJ and an individual, Jason enjoys spending time with his son. Jason has played festivals, flow events, and nightclubs all across the Midwest, opening for noted names such as The Kottonmouth Kings, Cyberoptics, Govinda, and DJ Dara.”

Pretty fucking squad line-up if I say so myself. Tune in and we will catch you later.