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Past Contributors


(From Latin A “from” SE “self”, plus ITY) Aseity is the property by which a being exits in and of itself, from itself, or exits as so-and-such of and from itself.
ASEITY Brings you the forgotten sounds of the Drum and Rattle! A being of forgotten frequency!

Since 1998 Chad has been part of the underground music movement and has been perfecting his skills as a DJ and Turntablist for the last 21 years. Chad went by “SOUNDVICTIM” at that time and was one of Indianapolis’s main drum and bass / Jungle/ Turntablist DJs in the late 90s to mid-2000s where he shared the stage with many top tier DJs-

In 2004 Chad decided to start producing and continued off and on for the next 13 years without releasing a single track and perfecting his sound through trial and error.

In 2018, “SOUNDVICTIM” was no longer. ASEITY was awakened through his own chaos then born out of a remembrance of what he truly is and will always be.

His passion for production and performing live is truly inspiring. Being true to himself and his mission to spread LOVE, UNITY and GOOD VIBES through Dirty beats and Banging Bass, his live sets will truly bring you closer to the source as the frequency moves your soul!!

ASEITY brings that old-school hardcore breaks and jungle vibe mixed with the new sounds of DnB and turntablism!!
In the Past Year and a half Chad Aseity Belbey has released over 50 tracks on numerous labels and has had numerous tracks from Raveskool recordings in the top 10 Juno UK hardcore singles charts and a few tracks charting on the Beat Port top 100 breakbeat singles charts!

Ketatonic #39 Beat Port Breaks Chart – Raveskool Recordings
Kontrol #86 Beat Port Breaks Chart – Check Records Ketatonic # 7 Juno UK hardcore singles chart




ASEITY is coming off his biggest release yet with none other than American DnB Legend DJ Soul Slinger to bring you two remixes of Abducted 2020 released 11-12-2019 on Liquid Sky music /Jungle Sky Records.

All Releases Available BEATPORT

DJ 27

I could define DJ 27 as 1 of 2 KLST’s “Mad Scientists”
He is starting to really catch his groove almost cranking out mixes weekly and has been secretly in his lab working on his own beats. DJ 27 is also a KLST staff writer and shares a passion for electronic music that matches my own. I can spend hour car rides on the phone with him and his dedication to the underground is there 100%. We are proud to have him on our team. Check his official bio below.

“DJ 27 is a 20+ year veteran DJ and Music Producer currently living in Daytona Beach. He enjoys spinning Drum and Bass, House, Jungle, Breaks – but these are more than just music genres, and DJ 27 cultivates mixes that go beyond any specific one of these. His combinations of heavy undulating beats and groovy basslines are designed to appeal to a wide variety of audiences. He equates the DJ craft to the art of jazz quilts, collages,

Dadaist sound poetry and the subtle social commentary present in all Modern art.”

– Matthew Murdock (Attorney, Audio Professional, Philanthropist)

DJ 27 also has an Exclusive Mix
on our Mixcloud!
I asked him to make me something a little different,
though Bass Music is not his main thing anymore
He made a very unique mix
that totally creeps up on
the unsuspecting
Get ready for a journey into
Ghost DUB Synesthesia Symphony


“The Queen of Chaos is one of Cleveland, Ohio’s drum and bass queens. She’s has one of the greatest voices, one that will give you goosebumps, like I had a from personal experience when hearing her sing the national anthem at the Cleveland Indians game, which she has now done for 20 years in a row. She is steady making music with Lotus Mathematics, and she has her own The Witching Hour show every Sunday night on”

Queen of Chaos was the first DJ at KLST to commit to an “Exclusive” mix when I took over the station as Talent and Content Manager. Pretty ironic considering our namesake. That mix is one of the first officially inducted into the Official 103.5 KLST Mixcloud. Thank You Queen of Chaos for all that you have done for your scene and your support of KLST.


“emplate, being a drummer, was instantly enchanted by jungle and dnb. He has dedicated the last 20 years to making him an expert in his interweaved sets, with neurofunk and darker, minimal dnb tunes that are often peppered with liquid dancefloor tracks, if the mood is right. emplate is The Astrogator on, every Wednesday night.


One of the newest DJs in the ranks of House of Eris at, Octane Amy is amazingly talented and is running an impressive career. She is crushing it opening shows for Mrs. Magoo, Reid Speed, Flow Dynamics, and Proper Drum & Bass Chicago Affiliation. We are very happy to have her aboard.

Amy Octane was the
Mixtape of the Month
Feature December 2019


NAP DNB is a staple in Midwest Drum and Bass. Their NAPCAST features drum and bass sets from DJs around the world including many of KLST’s confirmed DJs. You can catch NAPCAST episodes on 103.5 KLST every Monday Night at 8 P.M. EST.


“DJ Fate began her music career in April of 2000 in Indianapolis. She got her first residency, mixing house music, in 2006 at Therapy Nightclub and Lounge with OnTrack (formerly SideTrack) promoting “PLUSH” on Thursday nights. Other residencies include Champagne Disco at Casba in Broad Ripple and Metro Nightclub on Massachusetts Ave in Indy. She has performed at many other bars in the city, including The Patron Saint, Vogue, Talbott Street, Greg’s, Tini, and The Melody Inn. Fate has some festival experience as well. Most recently, on the main stage at Indy Pride, sharing the stage with Lizzo!”
DJ FATE Tracks Available on Beatport!

DJ Fate has another accolade with KLST with her “Goove” EP Mini-Mix Promo as a KLST Exclusive that is available on our Mixcloud. Thank you DJ Fate for all that you do for your scene and being a supporter of KLST.


“A member of Chicago’s Naughty Bad Fun Collective and former resident of Smart Bar’s Planet Chicago night with Sassmouth and Jarvi, Hailing from Metro Detroit and relocating to Chicago in 2013, Pat’s influences combine the major sounds of both cities. He lives in the grey area between house and techno, sometimes jackin’, sometimes head-down slammin’ with an acid flavor throughout. Having cut his teeth in clubs and house parties in Detroit and Lansing, relocation to Chicago sucked Pat right into the still thriving vinyl culture. He instantly found a common thread with fellow NBFC members Sassmouth and Jarvi, both in vinyl digging work ethic and commitment to having a vision with each event. Wanting to respect the history of his new home Pat adopted a ‘give back before taking’ attitude, starting with schlepping gear and working door at events and eventually proving himself as another mind in the many-headed (or tentacled) beast that is NBFC. Working behind the scenes and behind the decks has given him an extensive understanding off all the elements that go in to a great party and a deep connection with both the dance floor and the dancers that populate it.” 


Jin-XS is a music geneticist and multi-genre alchemist with over 2 decades in the games behind the decks. Not only does he provide some of the sweetest mixes and mash-ups but has the stage presence and image that sets him apart from any of Indianapolis’s, as well as the Midwest’s, local and underground DJ’s.

Jin-XS has been
given the 103.5 KLST
Hall of Fame Induction for 2019

along with
Mixtape of the Month
September 2018


Scott Walling is a MidWest DJ spinning under the FluxKapacitor
moniker since 2005. Currently a resident of Indianapolis, Indiana,
Scott’s origins and childhood come from Big Bear Lake, California,
where he grew up with a plethora of self-directed musical influences. He began spinning in 2005 avariety of genres and styles. Over the years he transitioned from vinyl to controllers to eventually his own top of the line Pioneer CDJ gear, eschewing the record bag and CD cases for an eclectic horde of multi-genre digital gods packed on massive thumb drives.

Flux prides himself with being able to not only straddle, but shape-shift among many music styles
both between and during shows. If it’s a tie dye crowd, then the JamHouse flows. If the doorbell for House gets rung, he can answer it
with his eyes closed. If the BPM needs cranked up, then the PsyTrance
experience envelopes the crowds. In addition to traveling all over
the Midwest for any chance to share his art, he has also produced
original FluxKapacitor tracks since 2013. A dedicated performer, he is often the last man standing at fests and gigs.

While tasty killer House is his cornerstone favorite, FluxKapacitor is booked regularly in the PsyTrance, Trance, Electro House, Tech House, Progressive, DnB and Deep Bass House genres. When not gigging, Scott can often be seen streaming and getting hour-long internet radio slots. Recent career moves include a brand
new partnership in FLUX Productions with multi-state collaborators, which will bring full time original video projection to future shows
from VJ Kosmik Ray, and digital promotions from multi-platform guru
Mr. Klix


“For the last 20 years as a Drum & Bass DJ and promoter, Secret Sauce has hosted weeklies, monthlies, and co-lab one offs for the love of the music and culture. A slick use of futuristic beats, booming bass and milky melodies set Sauce apart from the rest. From classic to unreleased tunes and everything in between, A Cleveland native, Secret Sauce is more than apt to blend moods and textures seamlessly into a tesselation of dancefloor heaven. Secret Sauce has played alongside the biggest names in the business: Bailey, Lenzman, Doc Scott, Submorphics, Stunna, Micky Finn, Frankie Bones, Random Movement, DJ Craze, Dieselboy, Roni Size + MC Dynamite, Rusko, Dave Owen, Om Unit, Logistics, Mathematics, DJ Flight, Paradox, Seba, and Klute. Listen to this exclusive new dnb set, which is a throwdown of some dope tracks, including What Now? by Total Science & War.”


Carnie is not only a full deluge veteran and NAP DNB contributor, he is a full blown mad man behind the deck. He also is a stand up guy who is worthy of respect and praise, standing up for the little man and a true representative of the working class. His beats are dark, while his mixes are smooth and always on time. Whether it’s on turntable, CDJ’s, or a controller, Carnie knows how to bring the ruckus! He also stands tall the promoter ring as well, running a seeking dance night in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.


“Shannon Burton, also known as DJ Steady B, has built a solid reputation and following since stepping into the music scene over 17 years ago. He began his career as a Hip Hop and R&B DJ, but has grown into a multi-genre DJ, Producer, and Promoter. Through his many years of experience, countless headlining performances and successful events, he has earned the title as one of the midwest’s leading and sought after DJ’s.

Though he calls Indianapolis home, he has brought his infectious energy and style to stages in Germany, Toronto, Detroit, Orlando, Chicago, and the rest of the Midwest’s major cities. Steady B currently holds residencies at two clubs in Indiana. He performs weekly at Historical Vogue Theatre in Indianapolis and The Social Experience in Kokomo, while also entertaining clubs like MagBar (Louisville, KY), O’ Sullivans (Fort Wayne, IN) and Dill Street (Ball State University) as a guest DJ on a monthly basis. Over the span of his career, Steady has held more than a dozen different longstanding residencies in different venues and cities.

DJ Steady B has performed on line-ups with a wide array of entertainers in various settings, which supports the fact that he can call any stage or venue home. He has performed on bills with artists such as Snoop Dogg multiple times, Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys, Marsha Ambrosius, Figure, Bad Boy Bill, Derrick Carter, Hopsin, Jarren Benton Swamp, Alex Peace, Reid Speed, DJ Assault, D. Lake of Claire Hux ( Mad Decent ), and Paul Anthony (Dirty Fabic ). He has also opened for bands like Zoogma, the Skeetones, The Flying Toasters, 16 Candles and DJ’ed at major events such as Super Bowl XLVI, NCAA Championships, MotoGP in Indianapolis, PRIDE Festivals, the Oranje Art and Music Festival, Mojo Stock, WARMfest, and the Detroit Music Festival.

As well, Steady B performs regularly for major brands like Victoria’s Secret, Vanity Women’s Apparel, Upland Brewing Company, and Home Depot, Kinetico Water Systems and has partnered with community organizations like The Boys and Girls Club of America and The American Red Cross over the years. DJ Steady B’s talent is music. His passion is sharing it with others in any way he can. His unique and dirty music stylings mixed with a dynamic stage presence has made him an invaluable entertainer in the Indiana music scene for years. His experience and drive will keep him around for many, many more to come.”


Big Wurm is a Houston based Bass DJ and producer who’s been in the game since 2016. Best known for his unique mixing style and hard hitting drops he’s not one to miss. Be on the lookout for Big Wurm and his crew, Looney Chunez, in the future.


“SHY GUY SAYS is an electronic music producer and performer straight from the Mushroom Kingdom, an 8bit villain ready to destroy any party at any time and somehow leave his victims wanting more. His eclectic, yet upbeat and danceable sound can best be described as a mixture of Hip Hop, Glitch Hop, Dubstep, Trap, and Drum N Bass. It’s know for its heavy rhythmic swagger, yet at the same time can be lush and loaded with dirty synth bass sounds, warm ambiance, and 8-bit glitches.”


“Born and raised in Terre Haute Indiana, John developed an appreciation for industrial and techno music as a teenager. At the age of 19, he bought his first mixer and a turntable and was hooked. Going to parties to train spot DJs, getting a formal education in the art of spinning. After ten years of gigs and vinyl hunting, the glitchy minimal movement of 2005 grew tiresome after the warehouse flavored banging techno of the 90s/early 00’s, and he retired. In 2018, John was tapped to play a benefit party, and fell in love all over again. Now he plays on digital decks, bringing bouncey minimal to hard acid techno to the masses.”


One our newest DJs as of Nov. 26, 2019 E.V., we’ve already had several feature’s mentioning DUPPY. After a month into the relationship between DUPPY and KLST, and several hours of phone conversations later, I can say with no doubt in my mind, there is nothing that is not real about the passion DUPPY has for art and music. She is what I call the perfect example of what KLST refers to as #bloodsweatandtears. She is living her best life no matter what and is continually striving to make it better. Below is a quotes from her mentions in a couple of our KLST features.

“Our newest artist in regular rotation!! Duppy is from Kingston, Jamaica originally and moved to the Bronx as a child in ’97. A champion of arts and academics and an equally amazing DJ as well! Stay tuned for more next week….
Until then, enjoy her set. A beautiful blend of Drum and Bass, Halftime, and Dub rhythms with RnB sporadically infused. One of Spike Heart’s most beloved mixes currently!”
-DJ 27

DUPPY also has an exclusive mix up on out Mixcloud!