DJ Hall of Fame

“The DJ Hall of Fame is a collection of DJ’s and Content contributors that have been given the Golden Apple of Approval by”

-Spike Heart
Graveyard Radio
103.5 KLST

The factors of getting this acolyte depends on Creativity as a Dj, Contribution of Content, and is also determined not just by talent but by carrying a high level of decency as a human being. This award is chosen by the House of Eris and may or may not be given out every year. We feel this appreciation by the House of Eris should only be given to those who meet high expectation naturally and are genuine in their actions. You should not have to try. It should just be who you are.



In Rotation since 2016

-Jin-XS is a music geneticist and multi-genre alchemist with over 2 decades in the games behind the decks. Not only does he provide some of the sweetest mixes and mash-ups but has the stage presence and image that sets him apart from any of Indianapolis’s, as well as the Midwest’s, local and underground DJ’s.
He is Indy’s only vampire king and you can check out his amazing output at

Mixtape of the Month
A Multi-Genre Jin-XS Release. With Halloween around the corner, it’s like a bag of Tricks-and-Treats!
Jin-XS Live Guest Mix on The Graveyard Shift Radio Show 2016


Thank you for all that you do!