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Eris Radio

Season 13 and we have finally made it to the west coast. We are going to be in the tricounty region where the best weed in America is grown. We will have Growers ,Trimmers ,Owners,Smokers and just plain out hippies and crazy mountain people. This season was postponed for a whole year due to Corona Virus. Well it didn’t kill the Eris Radio crew and we are finally back on the road for the smokiest season ever of the discordian mindfuck the Goddess Doscordia ever sent across the airways.

Hail Eris!

All hail Discordia!

Dont forget to check or shows out every Thursday Friday andd Saturday right here on Radio Kallisti 102.3.

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Queen Wolf is getting ready to release there next album. Guitarist and Singer Mike Walls told the Eris Radio crew that by summer they hope to have the album mastered and be back touring . The “loud guitar band” as the guitarist Christy refered to it when I asked what genre of music the band members thought this music collective. But I’m all truth Queen Wolf can’t be jumbled into the labeling business they are badass and rock it. As a tribute to the announcement of a new album the first since Comedy Gold. The band has made at least ten albums but it’s likely slot more. They have lost several band members Flash the singer on the album snakefest got a really good job offer in her field of study and Before that they had a foreign exchange student yoko who killed it on the keyboards for a few albums sadly he was deported back to Japan for not having a green card . Now Annie the bassist Chuck the drummer Christie and Mike all are the remaining members and they just keep getting better and better everytime they touch a record it turns to gold….not literally yet hopefully everyone loves them and when the bars open up and the venues the allow concerts again. There won’t be enough seats in the house or tickets in the stands to hold all the fans. Check out the queen wolf interview above and if I love the band u need to check out there bandcamp page