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Get lost in mind bending beats to take you
on esoteric journeys through
space and time.
How far does the rabbit hole go?
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Bringing you some of the hottest Drum and Bass Exclusives from all over the country. Ms. Bass represents her local dance scene’s to the fullest and it shows! House of Eris
put Ms. Bass in our
corridors at the top
of the totem pole.
A Queen of Bass if you will.

Ms. Bass’s Dance Music taste reaches further beyond Drum and Bass though. She is the real deal when it comes to electronic music.

While coming up through the ranks in underground music as a teenager, Ms. Bass developed a love of everything from Techno to Hip-Hop and all sorts of in between.

Anita Bass LLC has brought nods of approval and the permission to play mixes from artists and DJs with national and International statuses such as; Danny the Whildchild, DJ SWAMP, Jamalski, SOUL Slinger, and a great many more!

Anita Bass is also a key player in helping get NAP DNB here on Monday Night’s and throughout the week in regular rotation.

Finally Ms. Bass uses 103.5 KLST w/ her correspondent, Spike Heart as a platform to promote DJs and events in her own local scene of her current state as well as the states all around her, making her a regional contributor to KLST.

She is hyping her people’s mixes and shows with some of the greats!

Catch Ms. Anita Bass’s Show every
Wednesday Night at 7/8 P.M.
Standard Time!

Dance Music Programming
put together by by KLST
Content and Talent Manager
Spike Heart

Spike seeks out mixes
from DJs all over the country
and his own local scene
to bring some of the freshest
debuts, exclusives, and
old favorites from
the DJs and Producers he
reaches out to.
If you like techno, and live in Indiana…
you’ve felt the impact she has made on this state,
and the midwest!
She’s international.. boiler room approved..
and throws down the sound that give people “the face”…
no name comes to mind faster when you say techno,
than Lady Shiva,
or as she is now called,

SUBterror Radio brings
Underground Techno Legends
as well has beats spun by the
Techno Goddess herself!

SUBterror Radio
will run
syndication on
103.5 KLST
Sunday Nights
*11/Midnight *Central/Eastern
Tuesday Evenings
*7/8 PM *Central/Eastern
NAP DNB is the staple in Midwest Drum and Bass. With almost 300 episodes of their NAPCAST, NAP DNB gets DNB and Jungle DJs to submit mixes from all over the world. You can check out their collective at and hear NAPCASTs on 103.5 KLST every Monday Night.
“It’s NPR for the Underground
and has way more
f-bombs than public radio.
Tune in every Sunday
for LIVE conversations
that will exercise some
of the gray matter.”
Funk You, Inc

DJ’s, Promoters, and
Club Entrepreneurs;
Funk You, Inc bring mixes
every week to
Graveyard Radio
in their efforts to be
contributors in the
Northern Indiana
Dance Scene

*Stand by
for renewed
Show Times.
Are you a pissed-off member of Generation X who can’t find their goth boots and stuck in LA traffic? At 103.5 KLST we got the solution.


DJ Tarnish does a weekly
show on Friday to get the weekend
started with some big industrial
and goth music!
EVOL Radio w/ DJ Darkside

“DJ Darkside is the host of Evol Radio LIVE
Focusing on the alternative underground music scenes;
electronica, rock, metal and industrial,
DJ Darkside brings passion and energy to the radio station,
choosing to feature artists that would otherwise go unnoticed
because of his lifelong love for the underground scene and the music.”

Syndicated Episode will be on AIR Wednesday Afternoons during RE-GEN X Programming!
Doing since the 80’s Australian Native, DJ Infectious Unease has been doing “INFECTIOUS UNEASE Radio” since 1992. Check out our full feature here.

This show is apart of RE-GEN X Programming and syndicated episodes will play Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Afternoons.