RadioKallisti BASS Showcase w/ Snaxxx, Looney Chunez, High Rise Hooligan, FluxKapacitor, and More. + 103.5 KLST HalloweeN Wrap-Up! 11-2-2019 E.V. 5 PM EST

JESUS CHRIST! YES! It’s finally here and a mess. What was I suppose to do? Life is what it is, but thankfully it’s all love. Thank you so much rot those that submitted mixes. If you feel you have been looked over, just shoot me a message on Facebook, things get lost sometimes. Was not prepared for what load this site and station took on when I started a couple months back. We are hopefully now at “Maintain” level. We have to slow down on content intake till we get more dependable help. Thanks again for the support and listenership. WE appreciate everyone a lot! First in this weekends feature, we have lots of Halloween Content now Available on various platforms!

DJ 27 is an official member of the
103.5 KLST Crew and has been
confirmed by the House of Eris
to receive the
Lower Keys of Solomon.

He also just dropped
a new mix!
and as also has
been confirmed
for rotation.

Check that out for stream and download

Halloween Features WENT OFF WITHOUT A HITCH!
Replays for those who missed,
available on their respected platforms!

New Bit_Decay Now Available!

Dit_Decay’s “Dissociation Trilogy” is
available on his Mixcloud

Check out INFECTIOUS UNEASE RADIO Marilyn Manson Special

for stream and download at


Looney Chunez 1K E.P. was released a couple weeks back. I love this crew! definitely going to be banging some of these tracks out between sets.


SPAYZD DUBZ played the 1st installment of the Loony Chunez saga. Vol. 1 So we are going to start from the beginning. He loves the underground noise and bass and riddim is his second language. Over 2,200 play on SoundCloud, we going to blow out the speakers with this one.


Friday the 13th MIX You may have heard it in motion already?
Get a guaranteed spin during our Bass Showcase!


Slowdown confirmed for rotation!


Exclusive Mix from DIGIDWN

“DigitalDavy and Sloedwn have joined forces for a new tag team duo dropping the hottest house music from one city to the next.”


Future Bass Fall Mix 2019

“High Rise Hooligan is a EDM Producer and DJ based out of Indianapolis, IN. A resident DJ at Wubsday at the Patron Saint in Indianapolis, IN. 

Hooligan got his start in Nashville, Tennessee playing shows at Rocket Town, The Anchor, The Muse, and many other notorious venues in town with his hardcore band Astoria. Opening for War of Ages, Alcina, and White Chapel.

After serving honorably for 10 years in the Military, Hooligan was injured. While on bed rest recovering he began to make beats on garage band. Since then Hooligan has been playing local shows and put out one single and a EP on Spotify in 2018. Serving up “Candy Trap” sounds and putting on mind blowing melodic sets for the #hooliGANG”a


Exclusive Debut!

“This is some of the most fantastic BASS MUSIC I have ever heard!”



Original Mix (Live in Denver)

“ToneVizion from Indianapolis, IN has an intergalactic sound that cannot be missed. Intertwining the sounds of space and bass, his music will have you floating through time wondering where you are, or even if time even exists. He likes to take the listener on a journey from the begging of my sets to the end, to allow my listeners to connect to each other through the common passion of music and art.”


We don’t need an intro. He is a 103.5 KLST Veteran and has been cranking out mixes for us all year!


The Pantry 2

The Pantry 2 was October’s
Mixtape of the Month Feature


Also going to play our newest favorite to the KLST family, DUPPY! TO quote DJ 27 from last weeks feature.

“Our newest artist in regular rotation!! Duppy is from Kingston, Jamaica originally and moved to the Bronx as a child in ’97. A champion of arts and academics and an equally amazing DJ as well! Stay tuned for more next week…. Until then, enjoy her set. A beautiful blend of Drum and Bass, Halftime, and Dub rhythms with RnB sporadically infused.

For The Musiq

Last but not least, we have 2 Banging Mixes!
Courtesy of For The Musiq!

That’s pushing more than 10 hours of music!
All starting at 5 PM EST, only on!

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