A Multi-Genre Jin-XS Release. With Halloween around the corner, it’s like a bag of Tricks-and-Treats! Make sure you read the whole thing Ya’ll.

‘GESTALT’ Physical Copies Available at The Mouse Trap Next Thursday. Available shortly after for stream and download. Jin-XS mixes have been in rotation at 103.5 KLST since 2016. So of coarse, we will be blasting it on a regular as well. Get your first pre-release listen tonight around 9 P.M. Eastern Standard Time after Aseity aka SoundVictim’s Exclusive All Original Mix Album Ver. B Broadcast for RadioKallisti.

No one is 100% how old Jin-XS is. Pushing a couple hundred is what’s rumored but no one is for real sure. He is so many things. A mad scientist, mash-up master, a vampire, a midnight rider…

A Jin-XS multi-genre mixes are like a bag of treats or tricks depending on you perspective. I like a little bit of both myself. They are full of twists and turns to keep you guessing and they are definitely some of the most fun releases to listen to. ‘Gestalt’ is no different. Opens up with one of my favorite jams, Big Gigantic and Griz – Let the Good Times Roll. If you don’t love this song, there is something wrong with you and should seek immediate therapy. Now… here comes the mash-up… nah… I’m not saying, but when that shit pops in, it’s going to be an “oooooooohhhh” moment and you are going to already be thinking, this shit is hard as FUCK!

Jin-XS is coming out the gate on this one hot after his latest release ‘Roots Vol. 2’ that hasgot 240 plays in just a couple of weeks on hearths.at and was 103.5 KLST Mixtape of the Month for September. While you wait to get your hands on ‘Gestalt’ you can go give this a spin if you haven’t yet.

The the mix really pops, moods all over the place and is nothing but fun. We all know these songs and Jin-XS makes me even like Drake. Ya’ll in the know, know Jin-XS is the biggest Wu-Tang fan in town, so of course he’s got a lil’ mash of his own in this baby that’s kicks real nice. Who don’t want to hear an original mash live performance with an old-school Aphrodite flavored UK Track with Big Busta-Bust overlapped on that shit!?!

2017’s “Last Known Photo”
Another Multi-Genre Favorite of mine.
Check this one out
While you wait for tonight’s feature, if you want to see why I hype this dude up so much. Not all about it aesthetic, whether this DJ is human or monster, he’s a mad genius.

Speaking of Multi-Genre DJs, When Jin-XS says he’s a multi-genre DJ, he’s saying he IS a multi-genre DJ. He is a multi-genre fucking DJ. This release is no different. Drum and Bass, Techno, House, Hip-Hop, EDM, dubstep, fucking songs your dusty ass grandparents like to sing. If Jin-XS and mash it up, he’s going to mash it up. That’s what he does.

Roots Vol. 1 2016
Rank #3 in the hearths.at Hip-Hop Charts
You ain’t got nothing to do, you ain’t got no job. Check it out.

Oh that’s right! Jin-XS spins Industrial as well ya’ll. Of course he does. He opened up for the World Famous Industrial Steppers, LAIBACH! Check out one of this if it suits your fancy.

Rich Uncle Skeleton

Do you know what electro swing is? I didn’t either. Just look at that. Do you want to know what it is now if you never heard of it? No? Well I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems and being closed minded ain’t one. Check this shit out.

I mentioned the Wu-Tang is a favrite of Mr. XS? BAM! Wu-Tang The Musical! How do you not want to go listen to that right now? If you don’t, I don’t think you need to be hanging around here. Seriously, This DJ is a blast live as well as on tape. You want to book him for your Halloween party? You better do it a year before. He might be booked 2 years in advance at this point. Who doesn’t want a vampire at their Halloween party that spins Wu-Tang? Nuff Said.

The Leading “Goth” Night in Indy

Due to Jin-XS’s willingness over the years to work with myself, whether on him coming to my house to play on my show, do a phone interview. Let me have his mixes, let the station have his mixes, letting us run these features on him when I said I had something special in mind for him at the beginning of the month. Jin-XS will be the first Annual Yearly inductee into the RadioKALLISTI.org Hall Of Fame to be immortalized for his creativity and uniqueness as a Producer and DJ. Much Respect! <3

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