Universal Things Episode 4: Weed Prohibition

Welcome to our episode about that sticky icky Prohibition of our beloved Mary of the Juana. Feel free to sit back, smoke ‘em if you got ‘em (if you legally can *wink wink*), and listen to DJ Dykey the Dyke speak with DJ Chronicman!

First break

Human Nature – Gary Clale

New World Order – Test Dept

Fear the mind killer – Eon

Subversion – Tans Waffen

Finger FOC – Enemies of Carlotta

In Ecstasy – Chris & Cosey

Second Break

Smoke two joints – Sublime

Courage to grow – Rebelution

Angels Above Me – Stick Figure

Three Little Birds (Don’t Worry About a Thing) – Bob Marley

Third Break

Let’s Get Stoned – Ray Charles
Jedi – Slightly Stoopid
Green Crack – Apashe

Thank you for listening in and always remember you beautiful animals you to JAM IT OFF!

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