The Return Of Universal Things

Bada bababaaaaaa! It’s Universal Things back once more! Prerecorded for the prettiest ones! Our playlist today includes a local Northern Californian artist known as The Static! If you enjoy the song, keep a look out for his album Liminal, which will drop on June 9th on both Spotify and YouTube. Feel free to check out the rest of the playlist below:

First break:

Blurry – The Static

Losing Game – Madyson Lash

To Death’s Heart in 3 parts- Bright Eyes

World spins madly on – The weepies

Second break:

Help! – The Beatles

Fix you up – Tegan and Sara (still jealous album)

Cocaine Jesus – Rainbow kitten surprise

In Hell I’ll be in good company – The Dead South

Break the third:

All around me – Flyleaf

Crazy times – Jars of Clay

Endure – Plumb

Today is in my Way – MxPx

Hope everyone enjoys the show! Remember to JAM IT OFF! Broadcasting June 1st, 5pm central

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