Another Fire Drum and Bass Night by Anita Bass LLC on Wed. September 18th, 2019


Ms. Bass brought another 3 heaters to KLST, she also used her gift of gab and insight to write her own bios on all her DJ’s. Also we’d like to add we are getting 2 doses of emplate and Secret Sauce this week if you are tuning into the NAPCAST 103.5 KLST Broadcast tonight (9-16-19). It’s currently 6 A.M. and I have to be up in 4 hours. I work way earlier then I thought today and I spent some time coming up with fresh liners. So, short and sweet on my part. Much love to our contributing DJ’s and Anita Bass LLC.

First things first, 2 of our 3 DJ’s featured this week have this big show popping off towards the end of the month. Giving support to HAVOK! Dope stuff. Always wonderful to see “The Queen” will also be on the wheels of steal. I’m sure Ms. Bass will have the bomb diggy photos for us. Very cool.
“For the last 20 years as a Drum & Bass DJ and promoter, Secret Sauce has hosted weeklies, monthlies, and co-lab one offs for the love of the music and culture. A slick use of futuristic beats, booming bass and milky melodies set Sauce apart from the rest. From classic to unreleased tunes and everything in between, A Cleveland native, Secret Sauce is more than apt to blend moods and textures seamlessly into a tesselation of dancefloor heaven. Secret Sauce has played alongside the biggest names in the business: Bailey, Lenzman, Doc Scott, Submorphics, Stunna, Micky Finn, Frankie Bones, Random Movement, DJ Craze, Dieselboy, Roni Size + MC Dynamite, Rusko, Dave Owen, Om Unit, Logistics, Mathematics, DJ Flight, Paradox, Seba, and Klute. Listen to this exclusive new dnb set, which is a throwdown of some dope tracks, including What Now? by Total Science & War. Come see the Secret Sauce in
 Cleveland, Ohio 2 weekends in a row. Friday, September 27th, is the Fresh Air Resources monthly, habitat, at Touch Supper Club, then he is playing again at the Sphere Presents Legends Series with the legendary LTJ Bukem on October 4th.”
Another dope supporting gig by our man, Secret Sauce, KLST is so stoked to present this exclusive mix.

Ms. Bass was stoked on this mix, not had a chance to check it out, but I plan on being tuned in Wednesday for sureA

“Ninja Papes is a Pittsburgh-based drum and bass and UK Garage DJ. He employs lots of hip hop and jazz influences in his selections. He is a resident at 2 Step Tuesdays in Pittsburgh, every Tuesday night at Tiki Lounge. Ninja Papes is also one of the hosts of the Pittsburgh dnb monthly every 3rd Wednesday. Penumbra, along with Native Impulse, the 412 Boss Crew. Ninja Papes will be in Cleveland for the habitat dnb monthly on September 27th.”

Last but not least and becoming a DJ I’ve had in my regular rotation, along with my homeboy Alienn since I been working this new gig at KLST putting my efforts into this station…

“emplate, coming with his second exclusive mix for the show, is one of the dnb masters in Cleveland to listen to all of the time. For over a decade, he has been known for his diverse selection of up to date releases and promos, as well as unreleased tracks. He is always bringing the interweaved sets, depending on the crowd and their vibes for the music. The Astrogator show has emplate running it every Wednesday night on Listen to this exclusive mix with some EWOL mixed in, as well as Anglo Saxxon VIP, which is great Jayline track out on Liondub International.”

Ms. Bass really knows her stuff ya’ll. Thanks for the down low yo! Catch you guys tonight and Wednesday!

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