June 2020 Marcus Visionary | Vendetta Cast ft. Will Miles | Aseity Sunday Ascension | Run Tings: Straight Outta Quarantine

Much love to everyone out there. June is here. Music is keeping us alive. With parties coming back at you gradually, please stay safe. Check out some of this new stuff we got for you this month!

Marcus Visionary

“Marcus Visionary has been at the forefront of the jungle DNB scene in Toronto, Canada before its very inception. He’s often referred to as Canada’s #1 DNB & Jungle export, as well as an ambassador for the ever evolving jungle DNB sound worldwide. Marcus is one of the few artists out of North America who has built a strong foundation out of the UK and Europe, as well as in the US.

The journey started in 2004 when he was personally signed to the legendary Digital Soundboy family by Shy FX himself. Marcus joined the elite all star lineup alongside the likes of Benny Page, Breakage, Mark System, Stamina MC & B Traits. Since then, he has travelled the world and played at some of the biggest festivals and clubs, representing his unique take on the jungle DNB sound. Priding himself on upfront selection, clean mixing, musical versatility and a keen ability to read any crowd, not to mention his collection of dubplate specials, which is something that has earned him fans the world over.

Check out his most recent show on koollondon.com, which features some tracks by Marcus Visionary, as well as Benny Page, Sublow Hz, Shy FX, Mr. Williamz, Lily Allen, Stamina Mc, Unglued and more.

Marcus Visionary- The Visionary Mix Show 079

The Vendetta Cast with Will Miles

Click above to get to The Vendetta Cast

Here is a new Episode 007 of The Vendetta Cast from Digga Bruckshot ft. Will Miles. This episode has a follow up from obvious legend Jumpin Jack Frost, as well as a lot of more about George Floyd, Fila fresh, the Macy’s incident & more! There’s also an Uncommon Being, a fresh clothing line from Cali, discount code available. Lots of knowledge about stuff in this one. P.S. music maker friends, you should definitely use Bandcamp instead of Spotify. Check out his newest one below.

Click the image for a link to this new Will Miles <3.

SUNDAZE with KLST just got better with the newest show from Aseity, Sunday Ascension, playing whatever his soul is feeling that day. Even though he is a DNB master, he is great at playing almost anything.

Speaking of parties coming back at you, here’s one on the 20th in Detroit from Impulse Detroit , Techno Snob & Strange Luv Productions, who said they are teaming up to bring us all some much needed dance music, with some jungle, drum & bass, techno and house at Run Tings: Straight Outta Quarantine!

That’s it today everyone. LOVE YOU ALL!!!! ~ KLST

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