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SINthetik Missiah is a Louisiana based act that blends various elements of industrial, electro, rock, ambient and pop. The internationally recognized act SINthetik Messiah (SM) is the brain child of the Cajun songwriter and sound designer, Bug Gigabyte.

The band name is a misspelling of the term ‘synthetic messiah’, which is the pronunciation used by the band. The concept of the act started in 1996 as a guerilla styled art project and evolved into a full blown musical entity. SM has received radio play, publicity and respect from peers alike from around the globe. The band doesn’t fit the “Cajun” mold and is working to break the stigma of what it is to be known as a Cajun. The band is the “black sheep” of the Cajun world.

Offical Bio:
The concept was formed in 1996. Spawning 3 major solo releases,One Digital Only Demo(with sideedits from Keoki Records (Super Star Dj Keoki’s record label) and Scott Weiser from Jackal and Hyde while featuring K The Female Screamer) and individual remixes of:
Wumpscut, Sonik Foundry, How to Destroy Angels, Atari Teenage Riot, Lords Of Acid, LucidStatic, Angel Of Violence,Chainsmokers,and The Rondo Brothers. Through this body of work and live performances, SINthetik Messiah is acknowledged internationally as the founder of Industrial Dubstep. The band was interviewed and debuted a secret track on the same stage as Shop Boyz at SXSW 2015.

Bug Gigabyte

In 2016 the band landed Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes “Edm Stars Vol. 17” with such acts as Rihanna and many others, while making Hypeedits top 100, and receiving an honorable mention from Noisey Vice.
You Can Find SINthetik Messiah on:
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Split Damage Album cover

SINthetik Messiah has released Split Damage this month a special 2-track EP that pushes the boundaries previously set by the artist, entering into a post-trip hop arena. This release has been featured on 10+ independent music blogs and has played on over 20+ physical and digital alternative radio stations around the globe, since its release.

Bug Gigabyte: All writing, production and performance
Ms. Cat Hall: Lyrics and female voice on “Languish”
Mr. Joe Haze: Mixing and mastering

You can hear SINthetik Messiah on Tainted&Tarnished Friday’s at 6pm est. on Re-Gen X Programming brought to you by 103.5klst

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