Saturday Night Hype! Vol.1 | September 14th 2019 E.V.

I got maybe 45 minutes to bang this out, so hear we go. It’s last minute. There is going to be a new Graveyard Radio Episode on Saturday September 14th at 8 Eastern Standard Time with an encore to immediately follow. Lets check out what we got going on.

Already listened to it, so dope. Ol’ boy brings it. So proud to have Mr. Komrade Jay of the 412 Crew as a member of the KLST family! Thanks for the shout outs homie!
“A true Junglist Soldier standing with his fist held high”

Next we have a special track from Big Wurm to debut, “Pop Locking” I have it on the server right now and it’s from his crew’s Looney Chunez E.P. they are getting ready to drop. Looney Chunez is after 1000 followers on SoundCloud before they will release it. Right now they stand at 980 followers. Give them a follow so they will set havoc on the earth with this bad boy. Of coarse I can’t mention Big Wurm without asking for that vote for his Freak Deaky Mix! DO IT!

Big Wurm and his crew are taking Texas’s Bass Scene by storm. Excited to hear all of this. Listen to Wurm’s exclusive track here for the first time ever!

Last but not least, this is a little tease for next Thursday’s Show, So I am not going to say to much about him here. I will say Hard Mike has a residency at Castle Chicago and another one at Sound-Bar Chicago. We are going to play one of his latest mixes. I have my hands on his KLST Exclusive, listened to it on the way to work today and it’s straight flavored fresh as fuck yo! So I figured I’d rush him on the air so we can hear a little piece sooner than later.

So that’s it. Going to be a dope ass Episode of Graveyard Radio. An exclusive, a debut, and a taste of what is to come. Thanks for reading. I’ll catch ya’ll later!

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