Tainted & Tarnished Presents The Evolution of Nadjia

M formed an obscure experimental/dark electro band Nadjia starting in Northeast Louisiana in 1997. It has covered a wide range of sounds and styles through the years ranging from obscure experimental to electronic to industrial rock to electro-rock to dead wave. M being the brains of Nadjia; from writing the lyrics/singing to mixing in samples, and beats/sequencing, with Paul Jansen on violin.. Instrumentation utilized has ranged from synthesizers to household appliances. Each album have shown an evolution in sound and the technology used to capture it.

As It As is the debut album from NADJIA. In 1997 after his previous band, ROTT-13 imploded, Mark spent months writing and sequencing new songs. He was later joined by Paul Jansen who added violin, bass, additional keys and samples. After tracking out the album on his Pentium 1 Windows computer, Mark would secretly work on the album at the school audio lab when no one else was around. What you have is the result of lots of long nights with old synths, drum machines and a half duplex sound card.

In 1998 Nadjia relesed Crash Wreck Deconstrcut, The original demo for Lucid Dreaming is on this album. It went on to become one of their most popularly performed songs. Micah brought a new type of song writing that changed the sound from the previous album As It AS.

M frontman of Nadjia

“Some bands choose to make music for fame and fortune, while others — like Baton Rouge-based band NADJIA — love to create an experience that pushes the musical envelope”.

MK Ultra Magazine Review 2009

“It’s easy to follow the ebb and flow of trends in the music industry. What’s most intriguing and possibly blasphemous is to persistently go against this popular path of music for the masses. That is not to say that beauty can not be found in the mundane, but that NADJIA has consistently uprooted pop culture music and re-invented it into something more deliciously dark and beautifully brooding”. 

Baton Rouge Advocate 2010

Enter Trey Cole (Nadjia past and lost) recored between 2002 & 2006 at ALAB Media recording studio. Bringing in Jeff Smith for some Guitar work, Chris Deaton to contriubute on Bass, and Lee Madsen to do some addition guitars. Enter Trey Cole was never formally released or performed publicly (early 2000’s), but is available today on http://www.nimbitmusic.com/nadjia.1 including all of Nadjia’s albums free to download..

“I had returned from a long cross European trip and was put into isolation for a couple of weeks (in the hospital and at home). I locked myself in the studio with my synths and a VCR, A couple of guests guitarists and some previously started tracks helped finalize Enter Trey Cole. It was heavily inspired by the book, The Historian, By Elizabeth Kostova.” M

Damge.Control.Red was released in 2006, After leaving LA and spending a harsh winter in Chicago, M relocated to Baton Rouge. Micah McClung rejoined him on this new effort. The album was essentially recorded in 2 parts. The first half was recorded at Bluff Road Studio with Micah. The second half was recorded without Micah as he had left to pursue other musical paths. During Micah’s absence, M was joined by Chris Deaton and Lee Madsen. Again, the sound changed as it went from more structured to more experimental. This is one of my favotrie albums that Nadjia has released with songs like Rzrgrrl and Blue Monday drawing you in to the dance floor.

In 2010 Angels of Rust features NADJIA as a full band for the first time. The computer was abandoned for this album. Bringing the band into the Industrial Rock addition to the bands roster. M – vocals, samples and arrangement with Jeff Smith on guitar, Nik Sharp on bass,Chris Deaton synthesizers/keyboards, and Kenny Cohen on drums. Album cover art was created by M’s long time friends at Origami Graphics who were inspired by M’s extensive travels during this album’s conception.

picture taken from bands Facebook page

This year Nadjia is releasing 7 Ends 13 the album picks up where Nadjia left off with Angels of Rust. M and Jeff Filmore are joined by Paul Jansen (and Martin Atkins on select tracks). This album has a great Electro Rock sound that also captures the feel of living in New Orleans. M – vocals, percussion, Jeff Filmore on guitar, bass, synths, synth, samples, Paul Jansen on violin, synth, backing vocals, Martin Atkins on drums(selected tracks)


You can hear Nadjia being played on Tainted&Tarnished hosted by Tarnish Friday’s @6pm est. on 103.5KLST Radiokallisti.org. I will also be putting togther a set list of songs from each album to convey the evolution of Nadjia for your listening pleasure. The set will be aired on the next Tainted&Tarnished on May 8th, 2020 @6pm est. on http://www.radiokallisti.org also will be posted on the Re-Gen X Programming Mixcloud page keep an eye out . https://www.mixcloud.com/ReGenX/

“I have been following the Baton Rouge based Industrial band Nadjia since 1997. I believe the first show I was introduced to the music of Nadjia was at an 24hr Coffee shop called Insomniacs. The coffee shop was having a 48hr long concert that had Underground bands coming from all over the place, but the one band that stuck out for me was Nadjia”. DJ Tarnish {Tainted&Tarnished of Re-Gen X Programming}

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