Kene Mahusay is now known as discOBEY! 103.5 has an exclusive mix for RadioKallisti. | Red Serpent EP Preview Courtesy of Viral Mental – ‘Hearse Driver’ Released! | DJ 27 gets his FUNK on! + 2020-011 Octane Amy! | Soul Slinger – Jungle Warriors pt. 2 1994! | New LIONDUB Mix! + 24/7 420 Live Stream Festival from NYC United Ravers!

Hold onto your seat! This KLST feature is bringing some heat! First, let’s talk about RadioKallisti this Saturday and go from there!


I love surprises. This weekend, I was given a hot brand new mix from Kene under his new moniker, ‘discOBEY,’ and it did not disappoint. We got everything you can expect from this man. He brings funk, soul, and a ton of groove, laying down one house stomper after the next. You can hear this exclusive mix on Saturday (April 18th) on RadioKallisti at 8 PM EST!

In the mean time, you can check out discOBEY’s most recent mix under his new Mixcloud to get a taste of what is to come. I’m assuming we will be getting some new music under this new name at some point down the road. You can check out some of his original work under the old moniker at Beatport.


Viral-Mental Records has released the preview from Aseity’s upcoming Red Serpent EP. We were all very excited to check that out this week!


Along with that, we have decided to upload Aseity’s 2003 Throwback Mix, ‘Hease Driver,’ we AIRED in RadioKallisti last weekend, onto our Official Mixcloud, making it available for you all you enjoy anytime. Get ready for some fierce DNB and scratch work on this bad boy!

DJ 27

27 has been on fire since the stay at home order! This, his 3rd release since the quarantine, is no different even with another drastic genre change-up. 27 is truly creative behind the decks when compiling his mixes, and you will be left constantly guessing from track to track!


Take this most excellent trip down memory lane. Soul Slinger uploaded Part 2 of his Jungle Warriors set from 1994, which was recorded live in NYC at Roseland Ballroom. The nostalgia is stirring with this one. Take a trip back in time to some of the best old-school jungle tunes!

Octane Amy

Again, Octane Amy just continues to drop one consistent mix after the next! This one clocks in at over 3 hours long! This is enough to quench the thirstiest of rude boys!

Tainted & Tarnished

Another Assault of Industrial and Goth Music from the one and only, DJ Tarnish. Again, a new show this Friday at 6 PM EST! Don’t miss it!

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