103.5 KLST Weekly Update September 13th, 2019 E.V.

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Been a crazy week, lot’s of confirmations, lots of exclusives. Had a few more since the midweek update. Let’s get started.

Super stoked about this one. I planned on keeping Morning Metal a thing, along with having heavy block of Goth/Industrial/EBM/Punk/Post-Punk/New Wave/Dark Wave etc. etc. content through the late afternoon. (Think pissed off Gen-X White Collar Goths stuck in rush hour traffic.) So I have been on the lookout for DJ’s of the such to help me fill those blocks with the content I have. I am proud to announce DJ Kaleidoscope has been confirmed for 2 exclusive mixes for October. Kaleidoscope is obviously very busy but I don’t mind the wait. This will be a perfect feature for a Halloween Special. Maybe I’ll finally get Joy Killer II out. Kaleidoscope will make a great addition to KLST rotation.

“Izzy of Sangoma Records is a New York City raised Psychedelic Trance DJ. After getting behind the decks in 2010, he quickly established a name for himself throughout the underground of NYC. His best known accomplishments outside of rocking dance-floors throughout the East Coast, Europe, Israel and other random shindigs in the US, were putting together top-chart hitting compilations, supporting some of the biggest acts in the global psytrance scene, and organizing a few squats of his own. His fluency with all kinds of psychedelic electronic music keeps his reputation described in one word: Versatility. With a strong lust for keeping his crowd of neo hippies in constant suspense, his wild stage presence and spontaneous track selection remain dominant. He has two rules: no cheese and no plans.”

Izzy here is no amateur. After listening to a couple mixes and a phone call, I was more than happy to have Izzy on board at the KLST family. Izzy has been confirmed for rotation and is currently working on a KLST exclusive. What till you hear this house mix he did I got my hands on!

“DJ since 2008. MicroMachine spun damn near anything and enjoys doing so immensely. Music is more than a hobby, it is a full-blown obsession.
MicroMachine started out spinning goth and industrial and quickly found herself branching out into more and more EDM and other assorted music. Electro house, top 40, dubstep, hip hop, drum & bass / jungle, 80’s, and more. She has a wide appreciation for all kinds of music outside these areas as well and it seems to grow every day.
She has played at numerous clubs / bars, festivals, house parties, raves, and even does the odd wedding reception or birthday party. MicroMachine just enjoys being a part of DJ culture and takes every opportunity to expand her skills and increase her audience.

You will get your first chance to hear MicroMachine’s skills when she makes her debut on KLST during this Monday Night’s NAP DNB NAPCAST 103.5 KLST Broadcast. MicroMachine has been confirmed for rotation and KLST is currently on stand by for package.

“Born and raised in Terre Haute Indiana, John developed an appreciation for industrial and techno music as a teenager. At the age of 19, he bought his first mixer and a turntable and was hooked. Going to parties to train spot DJs, getting a formal education in the art of spinning. After ten years of gigs and vinyl hunting, the glitchy minimal movement of 2005 grew tiresome after the warehouse flavored banging techno of the 90s/early 00’s, and he retired. In 2018, John was tapped to play a benefit party, and fell in love all over again. Now he plays on digital decks, bringing bouncey minimal to hard acid techno to the masses.”

You will have you chance to bring acid and minimal to the masses alight, Jscott has been confirmed for KLST rotation.

Let’s take a look at the line-up for this Monday’s NAP DNB NAPCAST 103.5 KLST Broadcast.
Secret Sauce
Antik One

That’s going to be a bangin’ night, but that kind of goes without saying. 6 hours of NAPCAST’s drum and bass in your face! That’s a wrap for this update. We got a lot unrolling, so stay tuned. I still got a lot to work on. Keep that internet dial locked on our data-waves and we will continues to bring to the best of the underground we can uncover. Have some more for ya’ll in a couple days. We got Drum and Bass line-ups to announce for Wednesday. Have a safe weekend!

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