Aseity – Red Serpent EP Announced! | Rondell Adams Iron Beast EP May 6th + More Mixes – Phobik, Octane Amy, and More!


Quoted from Viral-Mental Press Release

Aseity makes a welcome return to Viral-Mental Records and brings with him a quartet of upfront, drum & bass anthems with the release of the ‘RED SERPENT EP.’

The tone of the EP is set by ‘Death Wobble,’ an ominous slice of stripped back D&B composed of skeletal, 2-step breaks, razor sharp synth riffs and rumbling basslines.

The title track, ‘Red Serpent,’ drops a filthy, twisted mid-range stab pattern over a series of relentless crisp breaks and rumbling sub bass to devastating effect. 

The menace dripping, ‘Stay,’ expertly utilises authentic oldskool flavas and layers them alongside a barrage of rolling amens, rugged Apache breaks and stepping 2-step beats.

Rounding off the collection, we have, ‘The Apple,’ which lures you in with it’s orchestral intro before delivering a punishing combo of tear-out breaks, growling bass and ominous vocal snippets.

If it’s uncompromising, dance-floor driven drum & bass that you seek, then Aseity more than delivers with this must-have release.”

This hits the nail on the head. Hearing the EP, I can tell you 100% this is a more unhinged and aggressive Aseity from what we have heard in the past. To me, ‘Red Serpent’ and ‘The Apple’ are totally the standout tracks on the EP. Don’t forget to tune into RadioKallisti at 8 PM for our premier of Aseity’s 2003 Vinyl mix title ‘Hearse Driver’ this Saturday! (April 11)

You will also be able to check
out Aseity LIVE every Sunday
3 PM to 5 PM GMT on
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Rondell Adams

Rondell Adams has announced
dropping the Iron Beast EP.
We got the scoop from his
Facebook Page earlier last week.


UKR178 Rondell Adams – Iron Beast EP with remixes from Kareem Smith & Microdot 

Release date: Wednesday May 6, 2020

UKR welcomes back Rondell Adams for a powerful ‘Iron Beast’ EP that includes four warehouse burners and two epic remixes from Chicago legends Kareem Smith and Microdot. With larger than life synths, dangerous drums, meticulous production technique and quirky raw moods, Rondell tracks out and takes the listener on a journey into aural soundscapes sculpted with passion and intensity. ‘Iron Beast’, Wink Wink’, ‘Shakedown’, and Hott Splash’ deliver that signature Rondell Adams sound: innovative, bold, clever and edgy. This man is on a mission and holds nothing back as he boldly paves his way into the techno genre with confidence and persuasive individuality. Both Kareem Smith and Microdot keep the quality sky-high with fierce renditions of ‘Iron Beast’, while twisting rhythms abound with attitude and ferocity, as these two techno stalwarts flex their production skills to the max. Pure quality warehouse action from Rondell Adams and company…keepin the techno sounds of the underground pure and in its rawest form, and that’s a fact.

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