This Week on 103.5 KLST! LightsOut KLST EXCLUSIVE! (Anita Bass LLC) | DJ 27 – More EP Sneak Peek & New Mix! | ASEITY is dropping Hearse Driver – 2003 Vinyl Mix! | RE-GEN X + MORE QUARANTINE MIXES!

If this proves anything, a quarantine can’t stop the underground. We’ve got a lot to cover, so we’re going to knock this like wham, bam, thank you ma’am! We hope you are being safe and ask all of you to please follow the 103.5 KLST Official Community and Facebook Page for updates and new mixes throughout the week! We’ve also got memes.

DJ 27

New Teaser
Proverb 27
EP Dropped

Our boy 27 dropped a hot new promo video for his upcoming EP, with an official full release soon (Proverb 27). He also dropped another quarantine mix, putting down the sweet jungle sounds, including a new original from 27 himself at the 12:19 mark, plus new content from Aseity that was undisclosed.


Speaking of Aseity, we got the tip on some new releases. He has 2 upcoming releases. The first is on Uptempo, and the second is an EP on Viral-Mental Records. That’s all we can say right now, but the tracks are bangers. You know I got to hear some samples myself, and they are everything you could expect, complete fire! Wait until we can show you how tight this cover art is on the EP! Totally badass!

Graveyard Radio

Hearse Driver

In the meantime, we got an Aseity throw-back vinyl mix from 2003, titled, “Hearse Driver,” and you can hear that this Saturday, 4/10, on Graveyard Radio at 8 PM EST because with the quarantine popping off, we won’t sit on this one. Expect an official release the following Sunday on our Mixcloud. Big ups Asiety!

Can’t wait till Saturday? You might have missed it. We didn’t get a chance to cover it as much as we would have liked. Aseity dropped a new mix for several weeks back! Please give that a spin if you haven’t yet.


Ms. Bass went to work and got us a very special exclusive mix from the one and only Lights Out! I’ve been listening to it for the last 30 minutes as I write this feature, and this mix is a bad, bad boy, with all kinds of classics, including Usual Suspects, Krust and Photek, to name a few. You will definitely want to catch your first chance to hear this mix Wednesday Night at 8 PM EST. This DJ/Producer is bringing some serious heat!

Ian Hayes’ (LightsOut) musical tastes were forged at a young age with grunge, punk rock, early electronica and hip hop. He went from electric bass to the decks at the age of 17. Beginning to experiment with production soon after, he was inspired by the darker electronic sounds of acid techno, hard trance, trip hop, industrial, and especially drum’n’bass. He applies the early love of the dark sounds with attempts to create futuristic atmospheres and “journey” type story telling in the DJ set. Graduating from Appalachian State University for Audio production with a double bass concentration in 2010, he formed a connection with Nu-Soul Magazine and moved from North Carolina to Los Angeles, CA where he became affiliated with Westbay Music, soon followed by Signal Flow Radio, a weekly show that provides a glimpse into the excellent drum’n’bass talent that LA has to offer. Now residing in Brooklyn, NY, LightsOut is attempting to continue the Signal Flow tradition in an east coast edition on, as well as DJing and producing drum’n’bass, techno, and other electronic genres.

Playing after the Anita Bass show this week is a replay of another Anita Bass show from a few weeks back, featuring all drum and bass from Danny the Wildchild, Spike Heart and Dabomz X-Clusive, so stay tuned in all night for more dnb medicine for the soul.


Wicked Wednesday

This week Betsy has a great line-up of gothic and other dark music, featuring acts such as Killing Joke, Fields Of The Nephalim, and one of my personal favorites, Corpus Delicti. Tune in at 4 PM EST, this Wednesday (April 8th)

DJ Tarnish

Tainted in Tarnished will be back with a new episode Friday (April 10) at 6 PM EST and if you missed last weeks show, we got you covered!


Of course, we couldn’t have RE-GEN X without our beloved man down under, DJ Infectious Unease bringing more dark beats to go with such ominous things going on. You can catch his show on the AIR Mondays and Tuesdays every week at 3 PM EST.



Big Ups to
Anita Bass LLC
for the hookup
on this link!


It’s everything we dreamed it would be!
Baby Shark Remix
Corona Virus Rap!
You owe yourself


She is still cranking em out!
A machine!


Bus Bee has been very active over the last several weeks, I have noticed. Yesterday, he brought down the house with another one. If you need something darker in the realm of dance music, this mix is plethora of techno and dark techno for you quarantine needs.


Global Lockdown 3, Can you dig?

Komrade Jay’s

I asked Jay… “Yo!
What are you listening to right now?
I know you’re trying to get new stuff for this show and all, but we got to start representing what you’re about man.

He sent me over this link. My goal today is to check it out. I already know Jay has good taste, so I’m just going to throw one out there for you guys as my wrap up. Stay tuned this upcoming weekend for more!


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