Quarantine Day 3 – New DJ 27 EP Announced! + DJ Fate Smoking Techno – Live Stream Uploaded! | PHOBIK Definitely Taking Creative Advantage of the Shutdown + Free Download from Indigo Child | ALSO: We Came Across Wild Style (1983) on YouTube!

Day 3

Day 3 Quarantine
and we got some
gems in this feature
so let’s get straight to it!

DJ 27
“Proverb 27” EP
Summer of 2020!

27 has been in the new studio working on new music the last several weeks and I was very excited to get a taste of that. Be sure to stay tuned because 103.5 KLST will be eager to share more, once we get our hands on some more.

Don’t forget his latest mix if you missed it in our Day 1 Feature!


Fuck yeah! Phobik taking advantage of quarantine to throw together Hip-Hop Jam Session #2! Spade 1 at the beginning gave me the chills to start off as Phobik cuts banger after banger to get the booty shaking during these times trapped in the home. From LL Cool Jay to Jay Z, I was a hoppin’ for 36 minutes while I cleaned my kitchen, I’ll tell you that!

If that was not enough Phobik
just dropped an entire catalogue
of “Coming Soon” Releases!

Keep an eye on
the community for


DJ Fate went live on twitch and pulled some sweet action on her setup! Defiantly the highlight for us today on “Game of Streams

Even more awesome was she was able to get the kick-ass performance on YouTube so we could post it here for you in our Day 3 Quarantine Feature!

KLST is also secretly privy to something else Fate has in the works. Still insider information for now but as soon as we are able to mention something, we’ll let ya’ll know.

Indigo Child
free download

Indigo Child take’s his first “outing” with the label Simply Deep of the UK. Deep Bass Heads are in for a treat on this. The track screams isolation and is a chill yet bass heavy as fuck track that defiantly tells a story. I’m not sure I want to know whatever is being said in that voice sample. A capture of the imagination in uncertain times.


“Wild Style” is considered to be one of the first hip-hop movies ever made. I came across it in my Facebook feed today and posted it in the 103.5 KLST Community to much appreciation. I got a DM from an affiliate who had been looking for this movie for 10 years and personally thanked me. The movie follows an aspiring graffiti artist and features such pioneers as Fab Five Freddy, The Rock Steady Crew, The Queen Lisa Lee of Zulu Nation, and Grandmaster Flash.

The film is noted for having a large impact on artists in the coming generations and it has also been voted as one of the TOP 10 Rock & Roll films of all time by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

That’s going to wrap it up for Day 3. Keep it locked again to our Facebook Page and Community as well. Thank you all for your support and listenership. Have a great day and please stay safe.

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