Quarantine Day 2 – Trinidadian-American Artist, AZA, Finds Home for Mix Rotation at 103.5 KLST! + 2 New Bit_Decay Releases In His Latest Trilogy! Soul Slinger Drops FUNK vol. 3 Banger to cheer everyone up! ALSO: The Patron Saint set up Mixcloud to Help Staff Who Have Been Effected by Shutdown. ASEITY LIVE and on AIR this evening!


“AZA’s original compositions and choice track selections continue to rock dance floors that she has met with so far via the midwest all the way to Detroit. AZA is affiliated with Deep Sessions Detroit Record label and Collective, S6A Music and ZFF of Italy, Golden Pony Records and Corsa Records.”


It’s been awhile since we made a big announcement about a new DJ being confirmed at KLST. A close friend and associate passed me a Resident Advisor profile and asked me to check out this DJ and told me if I liked her stuff, I had the pre-approval to play her mixes on AIR. After listening to a couple mixes and checking her Official Bio from her website, I was sold on the jump that we had a new DJ in rotation and a nice little feature. Thanks to the Quarantine, I got time to do the feature.

A shorter version
from her
Facebook Profile

“AZA is a Trinidadian-American artist, producer and DJ. She is known for delivering powerful and uplifting techno and or house dj sets as well as unique productions. AZA has studied production under her favorite techno artists Joran Van Pol (Netherlands) and Asher Perkins (Detroit) of Richie Hawtin’s Record Label MINUS:. Also Stereologue, Stign Hosman of PolyNation, and Love Over Entropy (Netherlands). AZA has shared the stage with other notable artists such as Alberto Ruiz (Techno) of Spain, Codes ( NYC), DJ Disc- Detroit, and Colette”

Full Bio Here

AZA has her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance and Production and she makes some pretty sweet tracks and just release a banging and very groovy track in February Available on Juno Download.

When I listened to the track I was totally caught off guard. At first I was feeling this awesome dark vibe, then in a twist things got real chill and light, then she brings it on back. Lots of groove and very refreshing to listen to.

Make sue you peep
out all her releases
on Juno Download

and give
her a follow on
as well!

Looks like AZA also has upcoming gigs as long as things get back to normal. Including a Movement After-Show in Detroit during it’s rescheduled dates. More info on her upcoming shows here.


The mysterious figure, Bit_Decay, has been back at it releasing 2 mixes in a new Trilogy titled “Absolution” in just the last week. I was just told about it this evening. The final installment is planned for release this Saturday. Talk about some good music to Apocalypes to.

KLST is happy to share the 2 of the 3 mixes you right here and now
and we plan on getting them to the sever to be put
into rotation
during our RE-GEN X
very soon!


“Genesis” starts with beautiful and chill vibe of ambience leading into total feelings of uncertainty, then into an epic peak. The mix then continues to be a dark rabbit hole of soundscapes of feelings of beauty and dread.


“Nemesis” deffinetly kicks it up a notch with more industrial, aggrotech, and some darkwave with some real nice slick grooves. Both these mixes are fine edition to KLST’s GEN-X Rotation and we can’t wait for the 3rd to drop.

Be sure to check in with the 103.5 KLST Facebook Community and Page. Once the 3rd installment of the trilogy drops, we’ll be sure to post it over there for your quarantine pleasure. Speaking of quarantine, the promoter of one of Bit_Decay’s residencies, “Judgement” has had his livelihood severally effected by the shutdown. There has been a Go Fund Me set up in his name to help him out in these times.

Couple more notable things. The Patron Saint set up their own Mixcloud to share and promote DJ’s on their roster while they have this down time. So make sure you peep that!

With that The Patron Saint had to close along with so many other restaurants, bars, and clubs leaving their employees without a way to make a living. A way to raise money for Patron Saint Staff has been established as well.

From their Official Facebook Page
on the

“We will be featuring mixes from our group of DJ’s that play our club to help raise money for our staff during the down time. If you like what you hear and want to donate hit our Venmo:@patron_saint”

and with that said, Slate Hogan is up 1st with “Spank The Planks”

The least we could do is let our listeners know about this considering 103.5 KLST and Booty Down Productions are planning on bringing Soul Slinger to “The Saint” June 1st for “Abducted: Indianapolis” We are keeping our fingers crossed for everyone that this is all just a minor fork in the road and looking at it as an opportunity for our underground community to come together and help one another out while promoting the music and DJs we love.

In conclusion, this feature ends amazingly because by complete fate, as I was writing this feature up and talking about “The Saint”, DJ Soul Slinger just happened to drop “FUNK Vol. 3” to cheer us all up!

His quote from his original Facebook post:
CHILL ..Dont fight the feeling

and 3 tracks in, there is no fighting to be had. This is one groovy and uplifting selection of mood raising funky tunes!

One last thing and I’m out!
ASEITY will be broadcasting LIVE today (3-25-20)
from Florida from 4 to 6 PM EST! He did some bass house
for us yesterday. Today we are going to get some drungle.

That’s it for Day 2. The Soul Slinger Mix dropping has lifted my spirits already. Be safe and the House of Eris wishes you all a good day..

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