Facebook Live Streams take over 103.5 KLST Community. Some dope quarantine mixes have been released! + Expect Forbidden Wisdom when House of Eris randomly grabs the signal to broadcast out of the Pacific North West.

Figured now would be a good time to give some station updates with the current quarantine happening. Unfortunately, I have been one of the only ones not quarantined until today and my family has fallen ill, and I can’t go back to work which is considered “essential” under law. So here we are, and if you have not been checking in with the awesome content on the station, even with the lack of website features, you are missing out.

KLST also encourages you keep up with content being released by our DJ’s and affiliates on our Facebook Page during this time.

A lot of DJ’s have been dropping some fire mixes since the world has been shutting down. We are referring to these as quarantine mixes. Lets peep some of those and talk about what we got happening in the KLST community

2 of the hottest mixes of KLST’s own are in rotation!

Hear Them Now!

First DJ 27’s Covid 27 Mix Available for Stream and Download! This will take you back! All #techno and #acid circa 89′ – 99′ A total banger for the Apocalypes! Ya’ll need to check it out! For real!

Jin-XS newest! This is fresh as fuck!
Lo-fi, mixed with some swing flavor, and hip-hop.
A brilliant odyssey done with minimal timing
that leaves you thirsting for more!
Jin-XS’s creative continues to be top notch behind the decks!

Phree Nugz
Coming Back!

Tune in 7 PM EST Phree Nugz Fat Stash v.1 is getting an official release in April and you can get the details in our full Phree Nugz feature here .

We decided since the outbreak has shut down everyones shows and parties,

*This Wednesday (3-25-2020) we will be doing a throw back from February 19th starting at 8 PM EST! Again stay tuned to our Facebook Page as well will post KLST Thorwback line-ups there weekly.

I’m sure ya’ll recognize Phobik
in the above photo!
He just dropped a new mix!

KLST has been pretty busy scoping the “Game of Streams” popping off everywhere on Facebook Live. Thanks to her work the 103.5 KLST Community on Facebook has hit over 1000 members and she has brought some fresh steams to the community. Not a bad little hub for us underground dance music enthusiasts.

Speaking of LIVE STREAMING and communities, one of our people’s, Hector Mamajuana was recognized for his efforts in spreading the underground thought Facebook with his DJ STREAM community by UFK! Check out the Anti-Virus #2 article for not only the mention but A whole mess of underground dance content as ya’ll lay low.

Hector’s latest mix!

Last but not least, we got 2 amazing ladies of Drum and Bass who also have fresh mixes!

Octane Amy has dropped yet another fucking heater if you didn’t know! So peep that if you have not already.

Queen of Chaos was gracious enough to record her Motion DNB set that was planned before the event was cancelled like so many other! The Queen was also selected for March’s Mixtape of the Month if you missed that.


DJ SOLO has a new that I’m almost going to assume we can be expecting to drop and day now. You bet once it does, I’ll have the link posted in the KLST Community and Facebook Page as well pronto.

That wraps things up for the moment. Remember to stay locked to our Community and Facbook Page for the latest. FL4L will also be grabbing signal from time to time to give praise to KALLISTI. House of Eris is working up some amazing new content on that spectrum of things you can only catch if your paying attention. Good Vibes to everyone. We’ll keep you posted!

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