PHREE NUGZ – FAT STASH V.1 will be getting an Official Release this April! In the mean time…

You can catch the 60 minute LIVE PA mixtape every Wednesday at 7 PM EST on

For those unfamiliar with
the legendary LIVE mixtape,

here is the scoop
in Syntax Era’s
own words…

“Phree Nugz was at one time, New York’s favorite Jungle / D n’ B live performance. In fact, it might have been New York’s only Jungle / D n’ B performance at the time! Started by live acid techno / house performer Syntax Era in 2001, Phree Nugz was to be a collaboration, a launching point for different artists and musicians. With a mission to bring a more organically approached, traditional grassroots jungle sound to the D n’ B room- all to be performed live, without a net. 

For 3 years, Phree Nugz would quickly climb to the top of tri-state rave flyers playing amongst acts such as Aphrodite, AK1200, ODI, DB and Dara. Forging incredible and entertaining relationships along the way with talent / organizations such as, High Times Magazine, Smoovegroove, Cousins Productions, Hidden Dimension, multi-media visual artist Larry Carlson, and NYC street rock legend David Peel, just to name a few. 

Fat Stash V1 was recorded on November 18th, 2001 to be a promo CD to be given out at Smoovegroove’s Feast2 party at the Octagon. The performance that was recorded is 100% unplanned, unedited and live. The music you hear is being created on the fly from various machines such as the MPC2000XLs, Korg Electribes, Electrix Low Pass Filter and the Line-Six DL4, to name a few.  CDs and labels were made by hand, on a shoe string budget and in a major hurry. All the effort wasn’t wasted, as their set blew the walls off the D n B room and reception to the new promo disc was huge.  Phree Nugz would continue to hand distribute thousands of copies of the disc, many of which came with a little something extra to pull the entire concept in.  

For years after Syntax Era & his Phree Nugz project would move into other areas of music production, the legend of this green friendly jungle performance project would still spread through the hallways and dance floors of various underground jungle haunts.  Talk of things being found inside CDs that were passed out at shows, conversations about a rare live performance CD that has disappeared deep into people’s CD binders, never to be seen again? Until now…

REWIND! Syntax Era has been called to duty again, like Rambo in the 2nd movie. He is digging through the ashtray of life and pulling out that stubby roach that’s burning away. A half burnt doobie we all knew and loved as Phree Nugz… ready to smoke again.. LIGHTER LIGHTER! 

Stay tuned for new music, live performances, unreleased old material, as well as the 18 YEAR anniversary release of Fat Stash V1. This is one clam bake you don’t want to be locked out of, the door is open folks, hop on in!”

Syntax Era has just released
a LIVE video performance of
a LIVE Phree Nugz from
August 16, 2002 at
KIND 3 in Bronx, NY.

We hope you enjoy the video and be sure to tune in Wednesday’s at 7 PM EST before Anita Bass LLC to hear the Phree Nugz Mixtape, exclusively here on 103.5 KLST. Also stay tuned to our Facebook page for info on the official release once we get the info. As soon as we know, you will know. Stay safe and thank you for your support.

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