’s NAPCAST Broadcast on – March 9th 2020! School Night on March 10th!

Yo! Spike Heart here taking over NAP DNB duties on! From here on forward we plan on continuing NAPCAST Episodes on Monday Night’s. However, we are taking features down to 1 a month leading into House of Babylon and NAP DNB’s School Night. So Welcome Junglists! Let’s get into it!


New NAPCAST last week is a personal favorite of mine. Lets see what had to say about it!

“Diable Syndrome puts together a ruthless combo reduced tempo riddims for this week’s Cast. While admitting this mix is coming from a dark place, Diablo recognizes his masterful skills behind the decks are a source of light for the masses. The twist and turns of this bass heavy evolution of Grime keep the beat so dirty, and so heavy, a listen to this is sure to keep you grounded and safe from the beams of “The Greys” for another day! Listen up!”

DJ 27

Excited for 27’s return to Indianapolis for School Night on March 10th! DJ 27 has been a huge contributor to KLST and we are stoked for the homecoming.

Former Hoosier and current Floridian, DJ 27 has been spinning the wheels for decades since stumbling into the dance music seen way back in ’92! His previous mixes have always supplied terrific selections and energy, and #283 comes in identical fashion, all killer, no filler. This set contains a massive range of beats to move your feets, pulling together a myriad of dope subgenre beats! Well be getting him back on the School Night stage in March!


All new NAPCAST from this past month Monday Night as we bring you KIN3TIK’s NAPCAST 292!

 “Dark futuristic tech riddled with wonky beats, double drops, and bad intentions!” Another example of Kin3tiK’s keen ability to sculpt and groove and capture a vibe, #292 glooms with evil so good, you’ll be seeing him return to our stage in next month!”


No stranger to the data-waves on KLST we have DJ Fate this Monday as well to warm us up for the upcoming School Night March 10th!

“DJ Fate is basically a household name when it comes to Circle City House heads. She’s been perfecting her craft in the neighborhood for 20 years, and keeping her skills sharp by crossing genre boundaries and dabbling in Techno, and you guessed it… Drum and Bass! Mary lights things up full spectrum; loaded with fresh beats and banging bass, this mix weaves through many moods and mystics, resulting in one great example of what DnB should be!”

Don’t forget to head over to Facebook and RSVP for School Night on March 10th. We’ll see you next month!

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