Noncompliant’s Australian Debut at New Guernica in Melbourne – “She is one with the decks.”

Sup everybody! So when I got wind Noncompliant was making her Australian debut and well out knew we had affiliates in Australia around Melbourne, I had to see if I could get someone to go hook us up with a couple snaps and a short write-up. DJ Infectious Unease was more that happy to oblige.

DJ Infectious Unease and Ank from Lazyboyproactive having a smoke before Noncompliant gets on the decks to bust some heads.

When I asked Gordon about the show he told me Noncompliant played to a “packed and sweaty dance floor!” he also told me how “She was one with the decks” as she played her headlining set. I can believe it given her legacy here in Indiana. Here is a few snaps and a short review by Gordon on her set below!

Noncompliant – New Guernica – Friday 21/01/2020 – 2/322 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000

Review & Photos by DJ Infectious Unease of Infectious Unease Radio – Australia

“The club had 2 rooms and Noncompliant played the main room to a packed dance floor. Australia was in for a special treat this night.”

I had the pleasure of seeing Noncompliant at New Guernica. She was tight and focused with her set. The sound was a mixture of heavy industrial techno beats, acid minimalistic melodies, and electronic sounds.”

She was totally in her zone. Her sound took me back to time when there was originality and style. Noncompliant is definitely one of kind.

“A brief glimpse at the crowd, Noncompliant is focused and it shows she is putting everything she has into her sets.”

“Once again, I really appreciated her set and how noticeable it was that this was an artist that has spent a lifetime on her craft and it shows! It was a pleasure to check out Noncompliant for my American family at 103.5 KLST. It was a fun mission.”

Infectious Unease Radio

Before Noncompliant hit Australia, she was on the Bomphcast with a new mix and interview about herself and techno. Check it out here!

Don’t forget about Noncompliant’s monthly in Indiana! Next month we celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary of Sanctuary! Noncompliant will be going back to back with Adam Jay all night! Don’t miss it!

You can catch syndication of Noncompliant aka DJ Shiva’s SUBterror Radio Sunday at Midnight EST and Tuesday at 8 EST
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