PLEASE STAND BY… We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties.

Fl4L has the signal.

Disregard Broadcast
schedual till
further notice. 

The views and opinions expressed on Fl4L
do not necessarily reflect the views
of or it’s
dance music affiliates.
Listener discretion
is advised.

Our home server in Texas is experiencing technical difficulties and is down for maintenance. Hopefully we will be up by next Saturday. We will be having some live broadcasts during the week but please disregard Broadcast Schedule until further notice. Expect random Fl4L broadcasts. Please keep an eye on our Official Facebook Page for further updates. All scheduled programming this week has been cancelled. TN has the signal right now as of 2-22-20 and is playing tunes from his personal collections. His show Exceptional Randos will be live tomorrow on schedule.

Thank you for your patience and support.


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