Front Man of Blak SundaY is the Walking Embodiment of What Drives the Dream of KLST; Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

This feature has been a long time in the making. Blak SundaY has been in rotation since I’ve been at KLST starting in 2016. I’ve watched the career of Mr. Blak just as long as I have been at the station. This is a man with conviction and a true dedication to his craft. If there is one thing I know what Mr. Blak is? He’s fucking punk as fuck, and he doesn’t give a fuck what you think. That’s why I believe in him and support him 100% Big ups to Katherine Merriweather for helping me make this feature come to life

-Spike Heart

Juan Blak:
Front Man of BlaK SundaY

Interest in monsters and the macabre usually begins early. When you get over being afraid of the dark to actually enjoy dressing up as those scary monsters for Halloween. The gloom and doom becomes appealing. Graveyards are wonderful parks instead of scary places for the dead. Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster no longer frighten, but you understand them and sympathize their plight.

As for Juan Black, dark themes fascinated him at a young age. He got into darker music around age 8, citing Alice Cooper as an influence. That carried onto discovering a college station playing Death Rock and punk, where he found Misfits, The Damned, and Bauhaus which shaped his musical taste. Influential bands such as include Gary Numan, Sisters of Mercy, Motorhead, and Alien Sex Fiend shaped Blak Sunday to what it is today.

Blak’s Indianapolis line-up
performing at Indy’s coveted “Punk Rock Night”
at the Melody Inn

Blak Sunday started in Los Angeles, circa 2009/2010 after the demise of his previous band, Elegant Bastards. Originally the band was called “Blak #9” . In 2010 Juan moved to Indianapolis and restarted the band there. He released his first album under the name “Gypsy Blak” consisting of songs from the Elegant Bastards days, by 2011. Eventually, the band’s name changed to just “Blak”.

The band, now known as Blak played 3 shows and made an EP, War Of The Flesh, late in 2011. Juan would move back to Los Angeles and once again reformed Blak with a former Elegant Bastards drummer, and former guitar player, friend Gage and his other best friend, Gene on bass. (“I always had luck getting a new band together whenever I moved somewhere,” Juan says.)

In 2012, Juan enlisted David Garcia on guitar and Mike Dlp on keys/synth. In 2013, Blak released their first 2 new singles, Frankenstein Valentine and Zombie Momma. The EP “Graveyard Love Songs” was released n 2014, which included a live session on the Livation Radio Show on KXLU Los Angeles. Due to personal hardships in 2015/2016, Blak played their last show in 2016 and Juan returned to Indianapolis.

Wanting to continue Blak, what he didn’t realize was that there were other bands and music projects also called Blak. Those bands ranged from progressive rock to hip hop. So in order to be distinguished from all of those bands, Juan wanted to do a slight name change.

“After watching an episode of Salem where ‘Black Sunday’ was mentioned,”
Juan says,
“I thought it would be an excellent name that would set us apart and make us more noticeable yet still kinda hanging on to the original name. Blak Sunday so far had gotten us a lot of attention, finally!”

Currently, Blak Sunday has self titled E.P (“Black Sunday”) out now. They are working on a new album soon and are hopeful to release a couple singles before the end of spring.

You can check out this EP and the rest of their catalog on their bandcamp page!

Unfortunately, the band is not touring at the moment. “Between work schedules and the fact that we once again have to go on the hunt for a new drummer, it’s hard to start a tour right now,” Juan says.

Blak Sunday will playing Punk Rock Night at the Melody Inn in Indianapolis, opening up for San Antioni Chicana punk rockers, FEA on Friday March 13, 2020. RSVP HERE!

You can catch Blak Sunday’s music in rotation on 103.5 KLST during our RE-GEN X Programming!

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