Booty Down Productions and 103.5 KLST are bringing Soul Slinger to Indianapolis at The Patron Saint! June 1st 2020 E.V. – Also featuring: Aseity, Lady Bandit, DJ Fate, and Spike Heart

First of all, very special thank you to The Patron Saint of Indianapolis for allowing us to host an event in their amazing establishment. Also mad love to our partner in this endeavor Booty Down Productions! The event will take place on June 1st. Music starts at 8 PM and will cost $10 pre-sale and $12 day of show. We need to test broadcasting capabilities at The Patron Saint, but once we confirm we are able to hold a signal, we will let you know on our Facebook and Event Pages. For now, KLST and our partners wanted to get this up on the site ASAP. Let’s check out what the event will have in store!

-Spike Heart

DJ Soul Slinger
Liquid Sky – Jungle Sky

Any real soldier in the jungle knows this man’s name. He is a legend and an enigma. You can peep his official bio on our event page. It is long and full of nothing but achievements and contributions he has made to the underground over the time he has spent with us so far on planet Earth. This DJ is beloved by all of us who rep the underground dance scene, has been in the game for over 3 decades, and he has traveled with his crates of records around the world. We are blessed to see what cosmic dub-plates he graces us with on his trip to Indianapolis.

Jungle Sky – Liquid Sky
– Viral Mental Records –
Wicked Jungle Records
– Uptempo DNB –
Florida, Earth

If KLST was going to collab and bring Soul Slinger to town, we had to bring one of our most talented resident DJ/Producers to Indianapolis to open up for him. Aseity was recently put on the Liquid Sky roster last year, releasing Abducted 2020 last November.

One of Aseity’s other label’s, Viral Metal Records, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of jungle music. As of writing this feature, Aseity’s “Coke Wank” off his “No Killah” EP is now #1 on Beatport VMR Chart.

Lady Bandit
Break On Thru Productions
Cincinnati, OH

Lady Bandit is considered a real old schooler amongst her Ohio peers and has the chops on the decks to back it up. She has been working on spinning out for almost 2 decades and she is showing no signs to slowing down. KLST has recently picked her up for rotation and her style of breaks will be perfect to bring the old-school vibe to this special Indianapolis event.

DJ Fate
Plain-Face Music
Indianapolis, IN

We adore DJ Fate. She has been a supporter of KLST since day one of its newest inception over the last 8 months and has handed over multiple exclusive debuts and exclusives. Fate recently dropped her Groove EP and quickly became one of her labels top artists. Fate bumped out a mini-mix for KLST to preview the EP and it was a huge hitting the top 50 in multiple charts of Mixcloud. Check out DJ Fate’s latest heater given exclusively to KLST below and don’t miss DJ Fate at
ABDUCTED: Indianapolis!

Spike Heart
– Graveyard Radio –
Anita Bass LLC
Indianapolis, IN

A DJ since 2000, Spike is the master-mind and catalyst for what KLST has become over the last several months. After months of making noise and recruiting the help of Anita Bass LLC and Universal Vibe, DJ’s started taking notice and handing off mixes and content the station needed for it’s revamp. His punk rock attitude and balls to the wall mentality in his leadership when it comes to KLST has yet to be matched. After almost a 10 year hiatus from DJing, Spike has been using as his platform to bang out all sorts crazy alchemy on the decks as a holder of the “Lower Keys” since 2016, crafting his skill in multiple underground dance genres. 2020 is the years Spike takes it to the club.

KLST will be broadcasting a hype show for this event. Please stay tuned to our social media and for the the details as they unfold. Thank you for supporting the underground and thank you for supporting underground radio.

-103.5 KLST Crew

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