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Re-Gen X Programming is proud to be able to bring to everyone Deep Down. Deep Down is a mix of Industrial, Electronic, Downtempo, and Trip-Hop that is based out of Pennsylvania. I came across Deep Down in 2019 when I heard the song Amputated and instanly fell in love.

Roo is the producer and singer/song writer of the project. He has a skill with mixing elements in his music that wouldn’t normally blend, but he’s found away to intice the listener with an adventure of emotions. KLST is honored to be able to have Deep Down on the radio show, you will be able to catch his songs on Tainted & Tarnished every Friday at 6 PM EST.


Offical Bio

“The sound of Deep Down is programmed and angry, invoking the best motifs of industrial, trap, punk, pop, and noise, all presented as a singer-songwriter’s bizarre exhibition.”

Deep Down is bad music for bad people.

photo off of the album The Neighborhood


Deep Down is American producer and singer-songwriter Roo, from the Poconos, PA, USA. Formatively from Philadelphia, Roo left the city for the isolated mountains of Pennsylvania.

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Photo of Roo



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