NAP DNB NapCast Monday Night Rinse Out Featuring – Rintin + Gizzmo + MicroMachine + Antik 1 – February 10th – 8 PM EST – E.V.

Greetings Junglists! Time once again to strap in for the talents of the NapCast vibrations!! To hype the School Night event on the 11th, we’re featuring openers Rintin, Micromachine, and Antik1 tonight. Second in rotation is last week’s submission from Gizzmo taking a detour with some deep n heavy House!


RinTin for NAPCast 279! Yea I review ’em week in and week out for y’all but that doesn’t mean I can’t drop a “me” card in the deck every so often. This week’s mix by yours truly, keeps it fluid centered in liquid vibes, while churning in rollers and funk to fill the flavor. NAPDNB baby, get you a taste! – Rintin NAPCAST 279


Appropriately kicking things off, we jump outside the comfy zone and bring you a serious House set by the most resilient and adaptable member¬†of the NAPDNB roster, Gizzmo! NAPDNB is all about the DnB, but we aren’t bound or restricted by our appreciation for selectors. Simply put, good music gets respect, and this vibe capturing set by Gizzmo does all that, and deserves more ears for encores! Turn it up! – Gizzmo NAPCAST 291¬†


Sarah Anne aka Micromachine slid us a beauty of a mix to accelerate the hype with her debut solo appearance on the NAPCast! Sara has been spinning since ’08 and one of the few devoted female DnB Dj’s Indy has to offer. For her, Djing isn’t just a hobby, rather a full blown obsession, Micromachine may be known for being small, but produces some large vibes when commanding the decks for #272. Prepare yourself for this powerful liquid journey but beware of the deep bass that hums from the slash of Sarah’s selections! – Rintin NAPCAST 272



The best was saved for last this week, as we have our guy Antik One heading up NAPCast #270 with something fierce. You might now him as Peter Tanasovich, or any combination of his various other pet names. Escaping from the deserts of Arizona, this potential fugitive made his way to Indy some time ago and was one of the founding members of the elite DnB crew known as the NAPDNB. Hive was a big impact to Antik One’s drum and bass affliction, which now spans two decades. His mixes and selections tend to roll deep in the jungley thickness, sick heat to move your feets – ya dig? #270 is a fine addition to Antik One’s NAPCast Catalogue coming with some fresh flavors and lots of different layers. Peter employs intelligent tactics that keep this mix flowing through ranges of dope beats, rich rhythms, and proper drops & swaps… Guaranteed to test the purest of Junglist Hearts! – Rintin NAPCAST 270

Ight, that’s a wrap for this evening! A huge thanks to NAP DNB, Rintin, Gizzmo, MicroMachine, and Antik One for a bad ass evening! Check out these sets and the entire NapCast archive at:

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