Anita Bass LLC Owns The Party Wednesday Night’s on KLST | February 19, 2020 E.V. 8 P.M.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 at 8PM EST, 7PM CST, this week on the Anita Bass show are 3 artists in the industry, Mark Moss, Soniktexture and Phobik. They each have the music in their hearts and their minds, as part of their lives, and it shows to the fullest, especially with the many genres they all explore.

Mark 8en Moss


This is Part 2 of the 8en 1991 mix series, which has more tunes from the early formative days of Jungle/D&B, along with some Rave and Techno favs.

Mark Moss is part of Impulse Detroit, who is pairing with Techno Snob to bring you some underground this weekend!

From the Facebook Event Page:

The Techno Drum & Bass Connection
February 22, 2020

Techno Snob and Impulse Detroit come together for one epic night at The High Dive! Featuring some of the best Underground Techno and Drum&Bass Artists in the city.

We will be dedicating 4 weeks to Drum & Bass in our TechnoSnobCast series on Soundcloud! The first mix to be released on February 1st so be ready for an intense month of D&B!

$5.00 Minimum Donation at door to support the artists. These guys do a TON of positive things for our scene, so show them some Luv!

Koruptid D&B
(Impulse Detroit, Strange Luv Productions)

Augustus Williams Techno
(Techno Snob, Sub÷Divizion)

emplate D&B
(DNBRadio, The Everyday Junglist Podcast)

(Techno Snob, Strange Luv Productions, Detroit Deep Sessions)

Sinister Dosage D&B
(Impulse Detroit, 2ndNature,
Strange Luv Productions)



Andy James, aka Soniktexture, has played all over the United States with his infectious brand of bangin’ Techno & DNB since 1999. Some of the DJs/Producers he has played alongside are Richie Hawtin, Dan Bell, Stacy Pullen, Frankie Bones, T-1000, Dustin Zahn, John Tejada, Seth Troxler, Photek, Dom & Roland, A-Sides, Matrix & Futurebound, & Artificial Intelligence.

His first release was for Detroit/San Diego label BerettaMusic in 2005. He has since released originals & remixes on Tek-Know?, Miniatura Records, Klectik Records, Noise Complaint Records, Pound Recordings, The Seed, Aerotek Recordings, & Amalgm8 Musiq.

Transitioning into 2020, Andy is focusing mostly on his Soniktexture alias – DNB production within Ableton/VSTs & downtempo, synthwave & ambient hardware jams.



“I started djing in 1979 @ the age of 9 yrs old with my cousin John (R.I.P.), in Manhattan, New York City. He was a bartender / busboy, working for Studio 54 discotheque / nightclub. One night @ 54, no one was able to spin & my cousin asked if I could play tunes for a while. They said yes. I was extremely nervous, but once I got started playing tunes, everything went well. Helped out there with the resident DJ’s: Richie Kaczor & Nicky Siano til 1982, when my cousin passed away. From there on, I decided to continue as a DJ & make my cousin proud.

I spun at the following venues / discotheques / nightclubs / bars: Studio 54 (Manhattan – The Original), Rock-A-Bee’s, Gazander’s, Centrum Hall, A. C. Club, La Village Cafe, T.K.O.’s, Cairo’s / My Sister’s House / Club 720, Cafe Kallisto, Merecedez, Crobar, Marianna’s & Excaliber. Also spun at various venues for rave / underground parties between 1991 through 2002. Stopped spinning at those parties in early 2002, after the drugs were becoming the focus, instead of the music & I let them go entirely. It’s 2019 now.

Update: I am part of Viral-Mental Records’ street team for promotion of the label, which is based in Bristol, UK. Also, I am a member of Sucka Free DNB Crew, based in Sacramento, CA.” Phobik

Links to my pages:


That’s all for this week. Tune in at 8 PM EST on Wednesday Night! We’ll check you then!

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