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This show AIRS February 7th, 2020 E.V.

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Just a reminder, Peak Entertainment owns Prime Time on at 8 P.M. EST every Friday. We got a fire selection of mixes this week. Here is what you can expect.


wILLE$T is an EDM and dubstep producer and DJ who currently reside in Rhode Island. We got a heater of a mix from him this week and it’s defiantly up to par with the bass artists KLST has been supporting over the last few months. It’s dirty, grimy, and will have your face melted. Check out wILLE$T on Soundcloud!


“Hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, wILLE$T is a life long metal musician and stage performer, channeling his unique energy into the sickest and most jamming electronic music he can mix and/or create. Passionate about every area of music he participates in, whether it’s in the studio, behind a kit, on stage, in a booth, or behind a guitar, you know that hes bringing the party, and he’s doing it in the wILLE$T way he knows how.”


Ya’ll ready for dark and funky house vibes? Split the Adam got ya covered. He has been featured on KLST before and we got a couple of his mixes in rotation. Adam is mostly a breaks and dnb DJ. This week we got some good groovy house he as alchemized up for us. This has been his flavor since his hook-up with Funky Communication Family about 6 months ago. I hit up Adam today to talk about this feature and let him know this particular mix resinated with me, being a little on the darker side. I noticed the occult imagery in some of his promos and had to reach out to have a little chat with him.

“I am partial to the darker side of things. I see the beauty in the dark. Life is about the harmony of it all, light and dark. And the dark is usually always seen as negative, when in fact, it is crucial to the ebb and flow that makes it all”

I could not agree more sir. That’s whats up! Anyone that know me, knows this shit is right up my ally! He told me he keeps darker side when spinning house and techno. Did I meet a kindred spirit?

Make sure you tune in Friday to check this mix out!

Here is one of his breaks mixes the station has been bumping as of late. A b2b with another Peak DJ, DJ Darkcide. It will deffinetly keep you head nodding. I guarantee it.

DJ Leucistic

Doing a repeat this week. This mix is flames though, so if you missed your shot, better not miss it this time.

Leucistic brings so much ghettofied tech, breaks, and bass music on this baby, it would’nt matter if you had a packed warehouse with thousands or dark room with a head count of 30, Leucistic would be banging that place the fuck out!

Leucistic is representing Rhythm Alliance (MA),  Morlock (RI), and Albany Hard Dance (NY) and Half of Rhythm Alliance Duo Stormtrooperz.

Based currently out of Rhode Island as well, Leucistic holds a resident DJ slot with Freq hosted at Alchemy and is the winner of best EDM DJ Rhode Island Music Award in 2019.

With his own word’s DJ Leucitic tells us about his style of DJing.

“I enjoy infusing Breakz, Electro, DubNWubz, Hard Trap Maybe some Hardstyle, Future House I call it, High Energy Open Format and Multi Genre…”

I can’t disagree with any of that, the mix is fresh as fuck and I’ve heard so many different genre’s blend fluidly as I have sat here and listened to it, it 100% keeps you interested.

That’s all for this Friday. Don’t forget our partnership with PEAK ENTERTAINMENT is to help promote and BROADCAST LIVE upcoming PEAK Entertainment Events. Here is what we got locked so far.

And let’s not forget PEAK 2020 Festival

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