Hear New BIG WURM Tonight! Live from KLST Studios! January 28th 2020 E.V. Show starts at 10 PM EST – Big Wurm Mix drops at 10:30 PM EST

Yo! I’m dropping in tonight after our syndication of SUBterror Radio to play some techno and house tunes and also bring you a last minute feature presentation. Our brother Big Wurm has a blazing dubstep mix he is about to drop on Friday. I have a copy and I’m going to catch KLST data-waves to let ya’ll hear it here first. I’ll be catching the stream at 10 PM EST. I’m going to be playing a few tunes and I’ll be dropping Big Wurm’s new shit at about 10:30 PM EST. The run-time on the mix is 30 minutes and then I’m going to come on the mic, bullshit, and play some more tunes for about an hour. Hope you guys can tune in!


Big Wurm and his crew Looney Chunez are no stranger to KLST data-waves.

*fun fact
*Big Wurm’s shares the state of Texas with Eris’s Tower.

Big Wurm has been making waves in the bass world all over the state. He has been a part of some major dubstep festivals and is very pro-active in his local scenes. Even though Big Wurm plays and produces dubstep, long with other bass music that fall into the sub-genre, he has a huge love for dnb and even has ran a weekly local dnb night in his local area. Big Wurm is out getting booked multiple times a month all year round it seems. He has been doing more time in the studio, but look at the weekend he just came off of….

So with a weekend like that? Best thing to do is drop a new mix and give it to KLST to play before it drops on Friday! I’m super stoked to be honesty. David has been an avid supporter of 103.5 KLST since this newest

“Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover”

Straight up, that’s all I’m saying about this cover art, lol. No fucks given though. This is some straight fresh dirt and it’s fucking filthy! Big Wurm has been consistently dropping face melters after face melter in mixes and tracks over the last several months and this is no different. Somehow, even with all these releases, Wurm continues to make these mixes fresh. I say this because when Wurm drops some shit, I get all excited about the genre again… then i go listen to others, the fire dies real quick unless it’s some Shy Guy Says or some shit like that. Wurm keeps it fresh and consistent with trickery and throwing productions from his own labs into the mix. This mix was an absolute blast to listen to while I got the content together and worked on this feature, so I hope you guys enjoy.

Check out his soundcloud in the meantime for free downloads to tracks and here is his latest mix that’s been in rotation of the station for the last several weeks!

Thank you for you listenership and I’ll talk to you guys tonight!

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