NAP DNB NapCast Rinse Out – Featuring – Oddbilt + Klepetz + Bucky Alan + Curtis Jones – January 27th, 2020 E.V. – 8 PM EST

Good evening! We have a fire lineup for you tonight from the one and only NapCast archive. Opening up, the latest submission from Oddbilt, followed by Klepetz, Bucky Alan, and Curtis Jones!


This dude been twisting the tables since ’97 and jungle was still in diapers. Rinsing out mainly the hard stuff, Oddbilt keeps an edge massacring melodies and bleeding bass for NAPCast #289! This groove just stays banging… – Rintin NAPCAST 289


…proof that DnB truly does unite us all, and makes the world a smaller place. #283 comes to us thousands of miles across the globe, from DJ Klepetz outta Slovenia! Klepetz aka Peter Krivc is a long time DnB DJ and enthusiast, rolling with the d:light crew organizing events, and reppin’ “Keep it Rollin” radio show on Altr and Radioluna. Klepetz showcases a spectacular track selection while keeping the mixing proper and oh so air tight for this week’s cast. A flavorful blend of deep rollers, rinsed proper with liquid magic, and heavy bass… just the way we like it!  – Rintin NAPCAST 283


Epic tales deserve to be accompanied by an epic mix, and that’s exactly what we have right here. NAPCast 258 comes to us from our House of Babylon Brother, Bucky Alan. Hailing from Terre Haute, Bucky has been a staple in the Indy scene for many many years. He’s been at it since the mid 90’s and has essentially mastered the craft of house music in that time. He teased us with the possibility of a NAPCast at a DJ Sneak show a couple weeks back, where he was told to “Quit BS’ing” and deliver. Deliver he did for his first appearance on the NAPCast. This liquid masterpiece displays Bucky’s ability to transcend genres because he has a passion and love for the music. Fantastic blends and track selection are the dominate character traits in this wonderful hour long mix. It has a nice liquid vibe but Bucky can’t resist turning up the heat at the right moments. Well played Sir, well played! – Rintin NAPCAST 258


NAPCast #247 beams down to us from Dj/Producer Curtis Jones. Originally from Miami, Curtis now resides right here in Central Indiana and has been laying down beats for years. He’s an avid producer with tracks on Guerilla Noise, Plain-Face Music, and Noize Bangers – check him out on Beatport & Soundcloud. Self titled “Rumble Jungle Scum” Curtis seems to think this is some of his best work and I couldn’t disagree. Here’s a solid infusion of Reggae, Jump up, and some nice ol’ grimey drum and bass! Crank this crafty set up!  – Rintin NAPCAST 247

Well Junglists, it’s been fun!!! A huge thanks as always to NAP DNB as well as Oddbilt, Klepetz, Bucky Alan, and Curtis Jones for this evening’s superior Drum n Bass n Jungle! Check out tonight’s sets and the whole NapCast archive at:

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