Bless This Mess by Chachi Guerrero is 103.5 KLST Mixtape of the Month for January 2020

103.5 KLST is very proud to announce we have decided this month to give an older mix the “Mixtape of the Month” Feature. Chachi Guerrero’s “Bless This Mess” Techno/Electronic Mix has graced our ears. Beyond the techno filled speaker banging joy it brings, it promotes a collective of artist’s KLST can definitely get behind and appreciate. Guerrero is not only a extremely talented DJ but also a fighter for equality of those discriminated against and disenfranchised and falls right into place with the message of KLST and our dance affiliated associates and DJs.”


“Bless This Mess” on Soundcloud

“Chachi is family. It has been amazing watching both of us grow over the last 13 years.”

-DJ Fate


“Bless This Mess is a group of energy collectors who promote awareness & proactive engagement through Electronic Music & Arts.”

“Chachi was born in Venezuela and her love for electronic music and musical endeavors start from a very young age. She started playing records at 18 at a small bar in Fl, after years of being a lead singer/percussionist of a local Latin band. 

Through the years, her involvement with local underground dance music led her to 317techno in the Midwest, with whom she produced events with leading electronic music artists. 

Now based in Chicago, her new project Bless This Mess focuses on promoting awareness & proactive engagement through music and art as well as exclusively featuring female and queer talent.”

DJ Fate
Chachi Guerrero

Here is a few past events 
Chachi was apart of that 
really caught my eye!

Congratulations Chachi Guerrero!
Thank you for all that you do.

Please check out the Bless This Mess Collective at

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