The Tomb of Nick Cage on RE-GEN X Programming. January 31st 2020 EV 6 PM EST

Hello everyone, I am DJ Tarnish of Tainted & Tarnished here. You can catch a new episode of my show every Friday at 6 PM EST on 103.5 KLST. On the 31st I have a very special episode featuring The Tomb of Nick Cage’s newest album. I hope you can join me. Here is a little info about the band from their official website.

is an New Orleans Based
Paranormal Horror Rock Band.

“The truth will be exposed. Old world horror for the new world order. We are an engaging and theatrical Horror Rock / New Wave, Metal and Deathrock band from New Orleans! Inspired by the mysterious Tomb of Nicolas Cage that now sits in historic St. Louis #1, we began to wonder if there were secrets behind this mysterious pyramid, and began to speculate on its strange origin. This led us down a path we never expected – filled with conspiracy theories, horror and secret societies as old as time itself. Started by Melissa (Kym Trailz) as a musical scoring project for a local short horror film, the band grew quickly into a fully realized concept.

In our short years together, we have begun travelling the convention and dark music festival circuit (The International Cryptozoology Conference 2018, Nola Time Fest, Creepy Fest, Pensacon and Convergence XXII -where we held court over the worlds first live band GOTHIC karaoke- to just name a few.)

we have been noticed by media outlets both locally and overseas, performed a secret, elite show and ritual with the almighty Chewbaccus marching krewe and have continued our pursuit of the mysterious Illuminati, hoping to draw them into the public eye with our sonic lures.

Our stage show and concept are one of a kind. Combining post-punk, punk, new wave and even metal elements, we hope to present a new sound to the horror community.

In the short time since our inception we have released a four song E.P. and a second split EP with Jason and the Kreugers celebrating “The Howling” franchise. We released a full-length album entitled “The Pharaoh of New Orleans” on July 04, 2017 and released our new album “Cryptids and Creatures” on December 5th 2019. We are beginning to book tour dates for 2020.

Filming short episodes about our fight against the supernatural and have released a brand new video for our songs, “THEY LIVE!” and “R’lyeh”

Finally, we are very pleased to introduce the newest members of our team, Guitarist Taylor Suarez and Drummer Edward Joubert. Taylor and Sean toured Cuba with a horror metal act in 2012 for the annual Brutal Fest and Edward is an accomplished veteran of the music scene in New Orleans and is a very welcome addition as one of the most knowledgeable encyclopedias of horror fandom and conspiracy we have ever met. Joining with Vocalist Melissa Crory (AKA Kym Trailz), Bassist Sean Mooney, and Guitarist Aaron Maguire we have a project that is as varied as it is driven. We can’t wait to share and grow with the horror community. You will be seeing lots of us in the future! To learn more about us, please visit our website EPK”

Official Website

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