NAP DNB Monday Night Marauders Featuring Carnie + Antik 1 + Rintin + Hollow Point – January 19th 2020 8 PM EST E.V.

Good evening Junglists! Time for another jawbreaking (metaphorically of course) NapCast Monday night featuring the talents of Carnie, Antik 1, Rintin, and Hollow Point!!!


If you know Carnie you know that the bwoi loves to tear up the decks as much as his lady loves to tear up a dance floor. Normally he’ll assault you for a solid hour with guttural, gritty and chaotic drum and bass, dark as his soul. But last month he came to impress and worked his way through a wider range of genres than I’ve typically heard from him. Nothing gets me in the mood for butt-touches the way a soulful, heady yet aggressive set from Carnie can. Is there a better moment of a night when you enter the room to hear your favorite song (even if it’s jump-up) being played? The answer is no!! And that’s just what happened for me during this set. – Courtney Tanasovich NAPCAST 288


Antik One heading up NAPCast #270 with something fierce. You might now him as Peter Tanasovich, or any combination of his various other pet names. Escaping from the deserts of Arizona, this potential fugitive made his way to Indy some time ago and was one of the founding members of the elite DnB crew known as the NAPDNB. Hive was a big impact to Antik One’s drum and bass affliction, which now spans two decades. His mixes and selections tend to roll deep in the jungley thickness, sick heat to move your feets – ya dig? #270 is a fine addition to Antik One’s NAPCast Catalogue coming with some fresh flavors and lots of different layers. Peter employs intelligent tactics that keep this mix flowing through ranges of dope beats, rich rhythms, and proper drops & swaps… Guaranteed to test the purest of Junglist Hearts! – Rintin NAPCAST 270


this mix comes to you from our pal and new blog writer himself, RinTin.  Of all the drum & bass DJs I’ve met and worked with here in Indiana I’d have to say we’re the most alike style-wise.  Maybe we had the same influences or perhaps found similar gateways into drum & bass, but it’s always a treat for me to step in for him when he gets behind the decks.  Having said all of that, this mix caught me off guard as it was not what I expected.  Usually bringing some high energy and vocals to the party, RinTin instead brings a deeper, more complex vibe with NAPCast 241.  Definitely a great way to get your week started off right. – Hollow Point NAPCAST 241


One of the head chief’s of the NAP DNB tribe, Hollow Point has been dedicated to bringing the highest quality drum and bass to Indianapolis in a career that spans over a decade. Playing alongside names like Dieselboy, Reid Speed, and LTJ Bukem to name a few. Responsible for BRINGING names like Random Movement and Bladerunner to Indy, while herding in some of the finest local talent our neighborhood has to offer. A leader by example, HP has truly played a HUGE role in elevating our local scene! Today’s mix takes you on a very smooth and intelligent ride through some thoughtfully selected treaty beats. Seamless selections of liquid, funk, and rolling bass forge out this masterful mix showing us why Hollow Point has earned his seat at the head of the table for the Indy DnB scene! – Rintin NAPCAST 236

That’s a wrap for this week friends! Much love and thanks to NAP DNB, Carnie, Antik 1, Rintin, and Hollow Point for providing tonight’s talent! Listen these and the rest of the NapCast archive at:

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