Confirmed Rotations Keep Rolling In At KLST. The Underground Is Starting to Mobilize.

I finally got a little bit of sleep ya’ll. Man, there is still a lot of work to do, so let’s get right to it. Management is going to try to get our first major block of time rolled out in a week or 2. I don’t have an estimated ETA yet but that’s our goal. It’s been a daunting task getting stuff over, however, I have been very happy with the progress and have had goosebumps and butterflies since things began. Right now Afterave and RadioKallisti Programing is set to be 11 P.M. to 6 A.M. Eastern Standard time. Once we get that going and then see where we are with mixes and content, we are going to stretch the starting time to 8 P.M. Easter Time for exclusives and some of the higher tier DJs that have been in the game for decades and who I feel in my opinion need more recognition. Don’t fret though, my goal is to make sure everyone get a fair amount of play in the rotation because we do stand behind inclusion and want to feature all underground talent. So be patient and this will be a place we can all shine. It’s kind of first come, first served. You want that big feature, send us a dope exclusive and a proper EPK and we’ll get that to our editors.

Next I’d like to show you a couple of confirmations of rotation over the weekend that have not been on the website yet. We are way behind on that, again, we ask ya’ll to be patient. This is all a lot of work for just a few people. WE LOVE it’s popping off, definitely keep em coming and we can have something beautiful. Much love to all of you.

Like there would be any question I would want DJ Fate’s mixes blasting through KLST’s signal. The woman has been out in the booth bangin’ the stars on 45’s for over a decade and a half. You can read all about that here. When I got word Fate had a package en route, I did a jig of phenomenal proportion. I have a feeling Fate will be around for a hot minute on KLST and in the clubs bringing us supersonic beats through those headphones!
This is Komrade Jay of the 412 BOSS CREW. Again more slamming Jungle and Drum and Bass for that ass. Jay here has been confirmed for rotation and exclusive content. We’ll have more info on the masked spinner of the beats when we goto AIR that bad boy. Welcome to the Fam homie!
More Drum and Bass compliments of Secret Sauce, he will be in rotation for next weeks NAP DNB’s NAPCAST KLST Broadcast and he has a
huge support gig for LTJ Bukem on Oct. 4th. In Cleveland, OH.
Last but not least, Snaxxx is going to do big things! She has a new residency for Wubsday @ The Patron Saint, she also has an entire slew of festival gigs coming up. This femme fatal is blowing speakers with dirty bass music and banging beats and making it look easy. That’s why I jumped at the chance to get Snaxxx confirmation on rotation when it was suggested to hit her up. We have a big feature on her coming up when we present her with “Mixtape of the Month” for October 2019. Stay tuned.

Stay tuned to our Instagram as more confirmations will be rolling out this week on there for sure.

Let’s talk about my man, Jin-XS. We got 2 things of big news on Indy’s most famous vampire freak. He has been in constant KLST rotation since I got on board years ago. Management is in love with him as much as I am. One of the most versatile and creative players in the game, no way I could do another update without mentioning the dude, especially after the news I got last night.

Jin-XS has a big show coming up as support 2 major touring artists. You can check out all about the show here. We’ll also peep the flyer below. That’s not the best part IMO though.

This right here, in the image below, is what I’m stoked on. He wants you guys to know if you’re going to the show to see him slaughter a room full of unsuspecting people on the decks, then he’s got a personal physical copy for you. Wait! It get better, scroll down.

RadioKallisti is getting a pre-copy of this baby before it hits you hands and I’m going to review this bad boy. He doesn’t know it yet, but I am kind of hoping Jin-XS is going to let me bump this bad boy at least once on air before the show. So stay tuned. I do have some of Mr. Aseity tracks I need to preview. That would make for a really dope RadioKallisti, wouldn’t it? Speaking of Aseity, he made public some awesome news today. Been waiting with excitement for days for him to drop the bomb so I could talk about it here.

It’s funny, I was just talking about Soul Slinger in our Weekend Update last Friday. Hmmm.
Looks like one of KLST’s DJ’s who is set for debuts, rotations, and exclusive mixes is now affiliated with Jungle Sky. Fucking dope!
Congratulations homie! I knew you were part of the elite jungliest movement 19 years ago. Now everyone else will. Mad love dog!

Let’s see what RadioKallisti was up to this weekend.

Hell yeah! She went and saw Mr. Dave Owen! That shirt though! Keep up the great work, looks like a great time! Speaking of Dave Owen, if your in the NAP tonight, well then there is School Night! Lets look at that flyer one more time!

Oh wait! I almost forgot. We have a new NAPCAST episode 272 you can check out right now! Featuring one of our supporting talents tonight! Micromachine!

Fucking tight! Check that our here!

Couple more things and we can wrap this up. Let’s not forget about our man Big Wurm. WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR THAT VOTE!. He has not been around much. He has a deadline to meet with at a record label and I excused him from promotion duties and told him he better go get that shit done! I heard the unmastered version and it’s a fucking heater. This is one hard working man. So go vote yo! Another reason to mention him in the update is he has a weekly night under the name Houston Underground. Wednesdays flyer just dropped for that. Let’s check it out.

Looks fresh as fuck fam! Check out more info at the event page.

One more show I meant to put on blast last week but forgot but it’s okay, we are going to try and get this thing a lot of coverage. It’s such a ways out, maybe try to snatch a couple exclusives to hype the thing a bit before it comes around. Check it out.

Go party with great talent for a good cause. Check out all the info on this bad boy here.

That’s it for this update. We covered a lot of ground. I’m trying to keep up, like I said, bare with me. We’ll cover as much as we can, as we can. Much love to all of you and the KLST Family. We fitting to run this bitch.

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