ASEITY(Liquid/Jungle Sky) And Lady Bandit LIVE on From “Abducted” Cincinnati, OH January 18th, 2020 E.V.

LIVE sets from Abducted in Cincinnati, OH will start with ASEITY from 11 PM EST to 12:30 AM. Followed by LADY BANDIT from 12:30 AM to 2:00 AM on

“This is a Graveyard Radio of Epic Proportions”

-Spike Heart

11:00 PM EST
to 12:30 AM

Coming Exclusively to Juno Download
on Dark Protocol
February 17th

It’s been a hell of a few months for ASIETY. Well on his way in his quest for national recognition in the dnb/jungle music scene, it is the opinion of KLST that ASEITY is one of the slickest producers and most sick DJs coming up in the game right now! 103.5 believes Aseity’s quest is a noble one and we support him 100%. It’s reasonable and well deserved with one hot release after the next, let’s take a look at some of “True Wicked Jungle” to get released this winter so far!

ASEITY recently has had 2 tracks included with VMR TEAM VOL. 3, along with “AUTOMATIK” released officially on Wicked Jungle Kru 11, and “Are You” all released in December. “SO ALONE/LETS PREY” just recently dropped this month on the 7th and of course Abducted 2020 was released on Liquid Sky in November. These tracks and a whole lot more are all available on Beatport.

ASEITY’s Newest Mix Up on his Soundcloud!

Don’t forget about Aseity’s “SIDE B” Original Mix Album

Drungle Mix is now up on the Mixcloud

All this, not to mention charting several times on the JUNO DOWNLOAD for Raveskool Recording releases, Aseity is a fucking machine. House of Eris has at least a good half dozen unreleased (and live broadcasts) of Aseity Mixes, Exclusive to the Station or Agent/Promoter EPK’s only.



So this is going to be one of the last big features we see at KLST on Aseity for awhile. Our flag ship DJ is going into the lab for a hot minute to work on a special project and when he comes out, stay locked to KLST for the full scoop.

12:30 AM EST
TO 2:00 AM


KLST new coming Lady Bandit is going to get in on the action as well. We featured Ms. Bandit a few weeks ago and now she get a chance to slay live on the data-waves of 103.5 KLST!

Lady bandit is a true old-schooler and party kid from back in the day and is Graveyard Radio material if I have ever seen it! Really honored to have her play live on KLST

Lets peep a couple mixes!

I totally love the vibes that Bandit brings on some of these mixes. They are real and authentic. You can almost close you eyes and feel the air of an old warehouse in some run down part of Ohio.

That’s a wrap folks! Saturday Night starting at 11 PM EST, Aseity and Lady Bandit will be play LIVE and on AIR for 3 hours! I can’r wait, very exciting times and show for KLST and Graveyard Radio.

I also have a new mix I released. I was advised to remember to push my DJ game on KLST as much as I push others so I’m trying to release weekly or bi-weekly mixes when I can. I decided to drop my holiday mix for streaming and you can check it below. Thank you all for your listenership and support!

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