Octane Amy and DJ Fate bring exclusive debut heat to Graveyard Radio that is going to set fire to your living room. + Exclusive Mix From GR newcomer Phlawlus! 01-11-20 E.V.

It feels like it’s been weeks since we have had a Graveyard Radio and this one is deffinatley quality over quantity. We have 1 Graveyard Radio Exclusive Mix, and 2 Exclusive Debuts! Let’s check em out!

PHLAWLUS (Exclusive)

Phlawlus who has been getting his feet wet for a decent amount of time in Indiana’s electronic music scene came to me direct, dropped a mix, said this is for your Graveyard Show. Bet son. This is your lucky day because you just got dropped on a feature with DJ Fate dog.

Now I had to listen to it first and I was not disappointed. The bass-house he has presented it smoothly mixed and is balanced to some fantastic disco. Now I had him keep it short, runs about a half hour, but next time we definitely got to cop the the full hour experience. It’s fresh as fuck thought and has earned it’s spot here on Graveyard Radio.

OCTANE AMY – (Debut)

Octane Amy has so many mixes dropping left in right, not even some who is half as hardcore as Amy can keep up with her consistent fire she brings on the decks mix after mix. This debut is no different. Can’t make the show? No worries, she plans on releasing this bad boy the next day! KLST Facebook will be posting soon as it’s available.

This mix has such a positive feel to it! I love it. Great vocals, flawless mixes, and the great thing about Octane Amy mixes? They always leave you wanting more drum and bass. Amy’s passion for the music matches her kick ass personality. Her own words, “I don’t care as long as there is drum and bass.” KLST and Graveyard Radio material through and though. Thank you for the chance to debut you new mix Amy. 🙂


If you have not gotten to, check out Octane Amy’s Exclusive Holiday mix on our Mixlcoud.

DJ FATE (Exclusive Debut)

DJ Fate is currently my favorite active house/electro/techno/dnb DJ in the city of Indianapolis. She can bang it all out. To her NAP DNB contribution, to her her techno debut that got mad attention on this station from listeners, Fate is killing it. Her “Groove” EP is doing great at Beatport on her Label’s Charts. She is currently doing a monthly residency for “Drag and Brunch” at Baby’s and has made one flashy new dance mix that will get anyone with half a soul moving out of their seat.

From tribal to jacking house this mix is funky as fuck! This mix is also heavy on the disco that I can’t get enough of. DJ Fate is a gem in Indianapolis’s Dance Music scene because of performances as flawless as this one and we are so thrilled to have a talent such as Fate producing and pumping out mixes for KLST and the dance community. This mix was originally suppose to be a New Years Eve release but due to scheduling conflict it could not get to the server in time. I’d like to give my special thanks to Fate for being patient with us and getting a proper release going out on it Saturday Night.

The cool thing about Graveyard Radio besides all the amazing talent we feature? It’s my show and I can plug myself! I have a booking announcement coming up in May to play some techno. More on that when I can say. I’d also like to share I got up behind the decks for the first time at an underground dance music event in over 17 years! It has been amazing being able to help Universal Vibe with re:Work and all his other shows at Healer as well. Here is to many more.

Spike Heart
re:Work @ Healer

Also going to be doing a series of little mini-mixes in different genres to gear people up for the weekend and show ya’ll what tracks I’ve been bumping, along with a way to promote all these promo copies people have been handing me. Here the first one. Thank you all much for the support.

Show starts at 8 PM EST on RadioKALLISTI.org

– Phlawlus

– Octane Amy

– DJ Fate

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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