NAP DNB NapCast Monday – Featuring – Hollow Point + DJ Fate + Dyonysiz + Micromachine – December 30th 2019 8PM EST E.V.

Happy almost New Year, Junglists!! The past two weeks we’ve been featuring some of the heavy hitters of the NAP DNB crew. Tonight we bring you the talents of Hollow Point, last week’s submission from Dyonysiz, and of course the ladies representing NAP DNB, DJ Fate and Micromachine!


DJ Hollow Point brought the smooth, funky, emotional liquid vibes this week. I can listen to Parallel by Technimatic on repeat for about…ever, so that’s when I lost it after this weekend of long nights and little sleep. Of all the NAPDNB fam, HP is definitely the boss when it comes to putting together a deftly arranged feels mix. It might not have BEEN intended to be a farewell set, but in my heart, it rang true in that respect. Since I’m listening with that mindset, I couldn’t help but get the warm and fuzzies when he started things off with some local hero action with a remix from Hajimari and slipped in a little Dave Owen gold too. Of course, you can’t hate a mix that includes Calibre, DJ Marky, Random Movement, Logistics and Fred V & Grafix. His mix from Parrallel into After Midnight was tight AF too, giving us the gentle lift back up into the joyous side of DNB. I can tell this will be a repeat offender on my “must listen again” list for a loooong time to come, and it should definitely be on yours! Get all your favorite people together and let this one ride for a sonic soul lift!  Courtney Tanasovich NapCast 210


…this week’s NAPcast is brought to us by one of our beloved local ladies who is of the same status… DJ Fate! Mary Manning is basically a household name when it comes to Circle City House heads. She’s been perfecting her craft in the neighborhood for 20 years, and keeping her skills sharp by crossing genre boundaries and dabbling in Techno, and you guessed it… Drum and Bass! #269 is a prelim to the mayhem Mary brought to Fort Wayne this past weekend. Dj Fate lights things up full spectrum; loaded with fresh beats and banging bass, this mix weaves through many moods and mystics, resulting in one great example of what DnB should be! It’s time to face your Fate! Rintin NapCast 269


As the clock ticks down on 2019 we take things up a notch with a fresh mix and live performance from our own Dyonysiz at School Night from a couple weeks ago! Dyonysiz aka Jason Allen, is a home grown, multi-genre Artist, Dj/Producer who’s been in the game for roughly 2 decades, and sits as co-chair of Guerilla Noize Records. Listen up as Dyonysiz sets the smooth soundtrack to the next hour of your life with a vibe heavy atmosphere, with a serious liquid groove lean! Rintin NapCast 287


Sarah Anne aka Micromachine slid us a beauty of a mix to accelerate the hype with her debut solo appearance on the NAPCast! Sara has been spinning since ’08 and one of the few devoted female DnB Dj’s Indy has to offer. For her, Djing isn’t just a hobby, rather a full blown obsession, Micromachine may be known for being small, but produces some large vibes when commanding the decks for #272. Prepare yourself for this powerful liquid journey but beware of the deep bass that hums from the slash of Sarah’s selections! Rintin NapCast 272

Well that about wraps up the year! The KLST familys sends a huge thanks and happy new year to Hollow Point, DJ Fate, Dyonysiz, Micromachine, and NAP DNB! Check out tonight’s sets and the entire NapCast archive at:

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