Anita Bass LLC and Graveyard Radio Bring Drum and Bass Fire to KLST (Mostly Anita Bass LLC)


All I can say is; I’m either a genius or clinically insane, maybe both… Thankfully, I got my home-girl, Ms. Bass who is on the front lines of this thing right there with me, putting in work as well. The happy dance we both did when we finally got the nod of approval from the NAP peeps was of epic proportions. Ms. Bass does not have a negative bone in her body and keeps my spirits lifted with her enthusiasm as she wonders how she got thrown into this mess in the first place. Granted, I don’t feel to bad for her. She’s out dancing and rubbing elbows having a good ol’ time mingling with top class underground veteran DJs, meanwhile I’m in a dark blacked out room looking at a screen till my eyes bleed before getting 2 hours of sleep and going back to the day job. I’m good with it though. Now that we had a huge legitimate block of content with NAP DNB, a solid anchor, our jobs seemed a little lighter. Plus, this woman loves the music so much she drives 5,6, maybe even 7 hours to pay $2 to $5 to go see her friends spin like it ain’t no thing. I see the dedication she puts into supporting her DJs and how she tries to do what she can to help. Ms. Bass will stop what she is doing when she can just to bump or post someone’s promo. Organizing this has not been without it’s frustrating moments you can imagine and still, she is cool as a cucumber. Her enthusiasm for this station matches mine. So when I got hit up by Ms. Bass one day as we were catching up with any progress on anything that was moving forward in what we thought would not be a hard thing to do. She about as serious as a heart attack says, “So like… are you gonna give me my own show or am I just getting you DJs?” I was flabbergasted and started laughing. I was like, look home-girl, You can have your own night! I wanted 2 nights of Drum and Bass a week! You see where we live. Our people live and breath drum and bass. There is so much Drum and Bass around here, it would be almost impossible not to have 2 nights if we wanted this thing legit. We all know, Anita was perfect for this. She is one of those very people that has Drum and Bass in her blood. Real recognize real and I see the mad love and respect she gets. So nothing would make my day, then to give her, her own night on KLST under her direction. I told you from day 1 yo, we are all equals here, this is as much yours as it is mine home-girl. This is going to be all of ours once we all on the same page. So these are Ms. Bass’s Exclusives. She wrote up her own bios on her DJs. As of me writing this, she is official on KLST staff with Word Press credentials. Congratulations Anita Bass LLC.

These exclusives will all 3 AIR back to back then be repeated.

*7/8 *Central/Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday – September 11th 2019. They will then be throw into a time slot, where everyday, it is a different exclusive mix that has been given us. We’ll talk about that more later. Let’s check out home-girl’s bios.

“Alienn Gonzales is one of the biggest fans of doing tricks on the decks, making his DJ sets on fire with all of the awesomeness, making anyone an even bigger fan of his DJ skills. He is definitely talented with all of his music for over 20 years. He has made waves, most notably DJing, but he has the whole box, with his emceeing, writing lyrics and producing reel-to-reel content. Listen to this exclusive drum and bass mix from Alienn Gonzales, then see him live in Columbus, Ohio on October 4, 2019 for all Vinyl, Jungle, and drum and bass at RESTART in COLUMBUS @REHAB TAVERN representing Fame Records, ANITABASS LLC, EUPHORIX PROFUNK 4RILLAREC Roswell, Church of Drum & Bass and Collective Intelligence Arsenal”
-Anita Bass LLC
“emplate, being a drummer, was instantly enchanted by jungle and dnb. He has dedicated the last 20 years to making him an expert in his interweaved sets, with neurofunk and darker, minimal dnb tunes that are often peppered with liquid dancefloor tracks, if the mood is right. emplate is The Astrogator on, every Wednesday night. Listen to this exclusive mix, featuring one of the coolest tracks, Raw by Dave Owen & Terraform.”
-Anita Bass LLC
“The Queen of Chaos is one of Cleveland, Ohio’s drum and bass queens. She’s has one of the greatest voices, one that will give you goosebumps, like I had a from personal experience when hearing her sing the national anthem at the Cleveland Indians game, which she has now done for 20 years in a row. She is steady making music with Lotus Mathematics, and she has her own The Witching Hour show every Sunday night on Listen to this exclusive mix and come out to see her in Cleveland, Ohio at the next show at the Fresh Air Resources drum and bass Friday night monthly at the end of September, on the 27th.”
-Anita Bass LLC

Awesome job yo! That’s all we got for now. Well, we got more, I’m just waiting for the appropriate time to tell ya. That and I am so, so very tired. Much love. Can’t wait to show everyone what’s next.

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