NAP DNB Monday Night NapCast Featuring – Sari + Identity + Wobble + Knotice – December 16th 2019 8 PM EST E.V.

Welcome! to another edition of the NAP DNB NapCast feature! Tonight, we bring you amazingly sick DnB from here and afar. Featuring Sari, Identity, Wobble, and another new exclusive from last week’s NapCast by Knotice!


the Napcast delivers another long distance traveler packedfull of energy with an awesome mix from the one called Sari (Sari Horum)! This lady Junglist takes us on an intense journey of intelligence all the way from Slovenia for #253!Sari delicately interlaces a myriad of bad-ass-ness in this exciting Lunar Ride, and keeps your swimming in the liquid, deep, rolling oblivion that is the Jungle. This one is a solid punch in the sweet spot for my own DnB tastes, and really demonstrates Sari’s knack for building a mood, through tight track selection and seamless blending abilities! I think I just found a new crush – and you will too! Enjoy!  RinTin NapCast #253

Check out more of her work at


a sizzling new mix is just ‘da ‘ting to make this week fly by. Newcomer to the Napcast, Ryan Jordan aka Identity is turning on the broiler for #255. Coming at you from South Bend, Identity has been on his Dj quest for about 3 years sampling new genres, compiling knowledge, and acquiring taste, with Drum and Bass the most recent to hit the the buds. This mix is steaming with energy and darkness, and some of my favorite spices via Techstep and Rollers. Get ready to taste this full bodied mix that goes down smooth by the one called Identity for your Monday! Ba da Boh! RinTin NapCast #255

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another one of Indy’s electronic prime cuts. He found a love for music early on, growing up in Cali & learning to play a variety of instruments in grade school. Exposure to the jam and festival scenes solidified his passion, and evolved him into the multi-genre artist we know as WoBBle today. Whether its producing, djing, live shows, or performing as 1/2 of the Renegades of Bass, WoBBle is a name you need to remember! Described by WoBBle as “a twisted journey of post Halloween feels” this mix lays out some heavy half time bass helpings, seasoned with some neuro, and drizzled with a lil downtempo dnb… – RinTin NapCast # 231

Additionally, WoBBle is Vice President at Guerrilla Noise Records, and Co Owner at Renegades of Bass


Returning again this week, Knotice drops a monster of a set! Originally to hype the last ‘School Night’ monthly of 2019 which he also headlined.

… because you simply cannot have too much Knotice! Aaron Schafer aka Knotice is a 20 year Veteran DJ with deep midwest roots, an integral member of our family, who now fly’s the NAPDNB flag on the West Coast with Organized Grime. Today Aaron gives us a taste of what we are missing with NAPCast #285. Fancy penmanship all up in dis wan as Knotice draws the lines between ripe basslines, the tightest of snares, and maintains a razor sharp edge in this sub ripping hour long mix. RinTin NapCast #285

We hope you enjoyed tonight’s NapCast assault! Love and respect to NAP DNB, Sari, Identity, WoBBle, and Knotice! Listen again to tonight’s sets, the entire NapCast archive, event news, and more at:

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