Snaxxx brings an Exclusive Yummy Treat to KLST! New Aseity (Most Sick Exclusive Yet!) + Diablo Syndrome Delivers 103.5 KLST Exclusive to bring out a little devil in all of us!

Snaxxx Making Heads Bang!

We told you guys 103.5 KLST was going to keep you toasty as fuck this winter! This Saturday December 14th 2019! Exclusive Snaxxx RadioKallisti Mix! New Exclusive ASEITY Mix! NAP DNB Contributor, Diablo Syndrome, Drops Exclusive! I hope your ready, this show is going to be a bloodbath. Happy Holidays!


Last week we featured one of our flagship Bass Artist’s on RadioKallisti, BIG WURM. We wanted to send everyone to his mix. It’s on Soundcloud.


I’ll be honest about Diablo Syndrome. I don’t know much. He is not a fan of Facebook. From looking at his Instagram, all I can say is this dude is living his best life. That’s always a plus with us at KLST. Some of you could very well be thinking, who is Diablo Syndrome and why are you so hyped about a DJ no one has really heard of and you don’t know much about?

Diablo Syndrome makes some sick as fuck drum and bass mixes, that’s why.

Diablo Syndrome became known to me when we mapped out our first NAP DNB NAPCAST Broadcast on 103.5 KLST. Me and Niza both had mentioned what a sick fucking mix it was when we listened to the NAPCAST 256 Mix.

“Originally a fellow Circle City Junglist, William was summoned by the souls on West Coast. Finding energy and inspiration in the legally smoke-filled, deep & dark forests, where he now appropriately resides. Diablo Syndrome evokes a spectrum of selections in this mesmerizing hour long set, representing the art of Drum and Bass in true dark lord style. Prepare to surrender your soul!”

Oh, he is an Indy Jungliest. Well that’s fucking good enough for me. It will be for you to when you hear how sick this mix is! Give Diablo Syndrome a follow on Instagram and tune in Saturday. KLST is stoked to have an exclusive mix from this unique artist.


This mix will only be available for KLST rotation,
agents, and promoters.

So this I can say hand down is one of the most incredible mixes ASEITY has done for us yet. There is so much dirty fucking snapping and popping. Dark DNB/Jungle Groove to the max and my leg won’t stop moving. This mix is fucking angry and you can hear it. Right around the 36 minute mark it’ll dawn on you. Let let me quote from Aseity’s official BIO in his EPK.

“Aseity is not only one of the slickest Break Beat / DnB / Jungle / RAVE producers to be breaking through at the moment, he has also got all the chops and cuts on the decks along with a wicked track selection that he is surgical with.”


None of these tracks on this mix are his own tracks, but the precision of how he mixes and how he rips these tracks apart execution style!

The skill exercised on this mix are something that only someone with years of experience and focus could obtain. For this mix Aseity focused on appreciating the sounds of others as he surgically dissects the tracks to create a monster dark, funky and maybe abit fuckey mix that will leave your frontal lobe in a ziplock bag stuffed in the refrigerator. Do not resuscitate!!

When all is said and done, as you question your existence as a meat popsicle, you should check out these new releases and such. Aseity says thank you.

ASEITY “Are You” Released on 12/23/19

Wicked Jungle Kru 11 Featuring “Automatik
Available for Pre-order on Beatport.
Released 12/24/19

VMR Team Vol 3 Featuring “Fetish”
and “Run It” is Available Now
on Juno Download and 12/27
on all Platforms

Peep samples of Aseity’s track
and other artists on the comp

Raveskool Retrospect Featuring
“Jumped Down” is Available for
Preorder. Release Date TBA

As always check out ASEITY’s entire catalog on Beatport.

You can also check out these tracks by giving ASEITY’s KLST All Original Mix Album(Side B) a play.



RadioKallisti EXCLUSIVE!

2019 has been an awesome year for Snaxxx but not without some hardship. Yet she has stayed positive and nothing has yet slowed Snaxxx down. She has consistently remains plugging away at her dreams as she acquires one major booking after the next expanding her presence in Bass Music Scenes throughout the Midwest and beyond.

You’ll probably remember we gave Snaxxx 103.5 KLST Mixtape of the Month for October 2019.

Snaxxx also has mad bookings coming up to keep you warm during the cold holidays!

Now lets talk about this Mix!

I am not being biased because this is a mix for my show. I am saying this is legitimately one of the best mixes I have heard from Snaxxx. Nothing made me more happier when Snaxxx hit me up and said she was going to make a mix for RadioKallisti It bangs… It fucking bangs hard yo. I think all the hype and excitement of her career has her inspired. I know I would be after just opening up for 12th Planet! I am very proud to have my logos on this.

Snaxxx Gets By
With A Little Help
Her Friends

The Snaxxx Pack!

SNAXXX is just one of the many DJs in Indy on the rise as of late. KLST is proud to play and represent all the amazing talented men and woman coming out of the underground right now!

TL;DL Version


Diablo Syndrom

Kyle’s Killer Lemonade
(Promo Exclusive)


Since this is such a big deal and a short show, we are going to encore all 3 mixes repeatedly all night till League in the Morning starts on Sunday! We will Encore all 3 mixes again at 8 PM EST Sunday Evening. Don’t miss out! Stay warm this weekend, spend it with that dial tuned to

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