RE-GEN X Programming! DJ Tarnish(New Orleans) opening support DJ Set for Pigface! + Silent Screams with Rooster Jones bring new 103.5 KLST Weekly Content!

RE-GEN X Programming on 103.5 KLST has 2 new DJs and 1 new weekly show!


With space to fill in RE-GEN X Programming I have had my eyes out. Rooster had been hanging around for sometime in the 103.5 KLST Official Group on Facebook and I had been checking out some of his music. He has asked about getting them thrown into rotation on KLST, I told him to give me the files, they would be perfect for RE-GEN X Programming. Talking about that I asked if he’d like a show during any of our RE-GEN X time-slots. Rooster Jones offered up “Silent Screams”

Rooster Jones


Rooster has another show on

Dude even made a custom playlist of his first show to throw up in his feature so we could show you what kind of tunes to be expecting from him weekly.

This is absolutely fantastic and as someone who had the flagship “Goth” show on KLST years ago, I 100% approve of the fucking playlist! So we can expect to hear a Silent Screams Episode every Wednesday on at *1/2 P.M. *Central/Eastern Standard Time. Welcome aboard Rooster!

Before we talk about what KLST has from Tarnish and how we became aquatinted with him, here is the Official Bio from Facebook.

“DJ Tarnish plays Electro Dance, Industrial, EBM, Glitch, Gothic Rock, and Darkwave. He has been DJing for 10+ years. Based out of New Orleans, he is a former resident DJ for “The Chamber” in Baton Rouge, LA and Nyctophilia in New Orleans.

DJing shows for Corrosion Productions, Bad Things, and Selfless World Media; Tarnish has played at The Vampires
Ball, Fantasia, and EndlessNights/ Blood Corrosion. Tarnish has also opened as support for Combichrist, Lords of Acid, Bella Morte, Android Lust, Aesthetic Perfection, I Vardensphere, Angelspit, and many others.

Tarnish is also a former member of The Evil Flying Chickens and has worked with some of the best groups and DJ’s in the Louisiana / surrounding areas. He has a passion and love for making people dance and introducing them to new and upcoming bands in the scene.”

New Orleans”


Tarnish(aka Mikal Lovering) has made a huge comeback since 2016. Back then he was the victim of what is now known on google as “The Norwich Goth Strangulation Case” and lost both his legs as a result of the incident. Since then he has been battling such a server depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, PTSD, among other things from the trauma and has been completely out of music and his scene until recently.

I met Mikal through a mutual friend I had contacted about doing to “Goth” Playlist for a segment on RE-GEN X Programming and going some cross promotion for the station. She pointed me to the direction of Mikal, knowing his situation and that it was time for him to get out there and do something.

When I talked to Mikal the first time on the phone a couple months back, he was really in awful shape. Mikel told me he had not DJed or worked on music in years due to depression, PSTD, and general anxiety from the horrible ordeal. I spent at least 2 hours of the phone with listening to him tell me about his life coming up in underground culture and talking about bands we were both into. I got the opprotunity to fill him in about my own struggles, the station, and how I used music to overcome my own adversities.

I didn’t talk to Mikal for several weeks afterward unfortunately. Seemed like right after the conversation, the work load really picked up at KLST and my life was turned completely upside down. I did however text him every couple of weeks to let him know I had not forgotten about him, check how he was doing, and to let him know I’d throw on anything he wanted to hand over when the time was right.

Almost 2 months after we had our first phone conversation, I had finally got a message from Michael. He had something for me.

“You know Pigface is touring right? I’m opening and I am going to record the set for the station.”

-Mikal Lovering
“Martin Atkins – Industrial/Experimental Supergroup PIGFACE goes on tour of the 1st time in 14 years”
Headline of

Pictured Above
Mikel meeting

at book signing
month prior to

Long story short, Tarnish’s big comeback was opening for Pigface in New Orleans and we now have an exclusive copy of that set and we are going to play it next Friday December 20th, 2019 at *5/6 PM *Central/Eastern Time. An encore broadcast of the set will immediately follow and then we will throw this baby into rotation on RE-GEN X Programming from that point out.

I also like to add that since handing over his opening live set, Tarnish has already made a new mix that we will be AIRING very shortly. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and we’ll let you know when that’ll pop off.

Tarnish also has an electro/EBM/Industrial Band
“Solo-X” he has also put together since we
started talking.

“Looks like 103.5 KLST #bloodsweatandtears is inspiring people from all walks of life. If you have been paying attention, you all know why Spike is doing what he is doing. He wants to let everyone know… Fuck depression, fuck feeling sorry for yourself, fuck mediocrity, and fuck the voices in yours head telling you- You are not good enough! Now is the time to say fuck this, and mobilize. Now is the time to stop wasting our gifts. Live the music.”

-House of Eris

So you guys make sure to keep an eye up there in our “Broadcast Schedule” Tab at the top of our website to stay current on what is playing when on KLST. We are more that just a dance music radio station. KLST is about representing all fringe cultures. It can be as big as you want it to be. We are currently looking for volenteer staff writers and promoters. Being a musician or DJ is a big plus! The more competent people we have, the more DJs, bands, and underground content we can produce. Thank you to all the listeners and DJs who support underground radio. -Spike

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